Thursday, January 22, 2015


In a right-to-know I paid the city of Wilkes-Barre over 300 dollars for inspection and audit records for Sherman Hills. The results are disturbing and I have asked Law Enforcement to look into this.

First, a simple question. Why would a cash-strapped city forego a gold mine in inspection fees for years at Sherman Hills? The only answer that makes sense: Corruption

I am suggesting the same person who may have shared in 
A) A recent $7.7 million profit from Sherman Hills and/or 
B) kickbacks from Sherman Hills and/or
C) a silent and secretive interest in Sherman Hills

would have had incentive to leave Sherman Hills... 

1) uninspected to save around a million dollars (fees, repairs, evictions, cost of empty units etc.) on 330 units and 
2) when such units were inspected - to have no matching receipts for these inspections. 

Citizens Voice: Sherman Hills ducked inspections. See HERE.
Times Leader: Sherman Hills under Scrutiny. See HERE.

I have a huge stack of inspections (last few years only) and virtually no paid receipts. Were other landlords in Wilkes-Barre charged and not Sherman Hills? 

COPS FOR CASH   My findings would support what I have posited. The safety of WBPD officers has been exchanged for cash. In my opinion, Leighton would be the most likely recipient. 

Generally, from the information received:
A) Inspections weren't made for years (2004- late 2010)
B) The inspections that were made had no receipts to go with them.
C) The fine that Sherman Hills ($33,000) received could very well be a deceptive move to make it seem like the city cared. It may be illegitimate. When you are playing with $7.7 million in profit what's $33k?
D) There was a federal raid on Sherman Hills about two years ago. I don't know the outcomes from this.

But most importantly... please look into this:

- Sherman Hills bought the development for $8 million
Three years later it is sold for $15.8 million to Treetop LLC. - an AFFILIATE of Sherman Hills.
-  $7.7 million profit

One must ask how this bullet ridden, gun driven, heroin hidden cesspool doubles in value in three years? THIS DOES NOT ADD UP.

As always in WB... when something makes no sense there is almost always corruption involved.