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On Friday, February 26, 2016 6:24 PM, Andy Ostrowski <> wrote:

This email relates to the ongoing defamation of me and the other violations of my legal rights and interests, and the hearing I have scheduled against ---- for March 7, 2016 before District Justice Barilla in Swoyersville, PA.
First and foremost, if you are going to continue to promote my candidacy for the United States Senate on wbtruth.blogspot site, and the witness facebook page, I ask that you kindly put a better photo of me up on those sites, as I am much sexier now than I was in that photo from 2012 that keeps being posted with defamatory information, and misguided attempts to damage and injure me.

Do not take my light-heartedness, as above, to distract, however, from the seriousness of the menacing course of conduct to which I have been subjected, and the seriousness with which I will deal with it. It just so happens that I know that you will all fall flat on your face in these misguided, demon-inspired, antics, and attempts to damage and injure me, and that I will prevail in the end, because the truth is 100% on my side, and every utterance about me is completely false, except those in the records I have shared, and have agreed to otherwise. That is the source of my bravado. It is not bluster, and comes with the confidence of living a moral, principled, honest life, and knowing that people who will get up to the unlawful antics you have all gotten up to in such a desperate and misguided ways are shallow, insecure, and, above all else, really stupid.

I note that the celebration of ---- as some sort of hero by witness, witness, and witness does a severe disservice to women everywhere, and the below email thread hows that he is engaged in a very un-balanced, possibly criminal, course of conduct against Kim Weigel aka Karen Esposito. The fact that he tracked her posts on the ------ facebook page down in order to defame her, and defame me, and use that as a launching point to try to damage me in my professional affairs would show just that to any rational human being. The fact that you all seized on it, and appear to have celebrated him as some knight in shining armor in order to attack me for pointing out in the past how pathetic you all are just confirms that I was correct from the start which, of course, I knew that I was, or I wouldn’t have said it to begin with.

The attachment is something I wrote, and was going to post to the many friends of mine who are on that ----- facebook page, or, at least, to those that were kind and decent enough to alert me to the fact that I was, once again, being dragged through the mud through absolutely no culpable fault of my own. The only thing I am “guilty” of is being 100% correct about everything I have said, and you all acting out of the character defects and intellectual deficiencies I have so poignantly pointed out. It covers enough of the truth of that childish, but potentially harmful, social media nonsense you dysfunctionals all get up to. I may well still share it there if I keep hearing about your nonsense.

As you know, I have all the written records to back up everything I have said, and the lengthy course of unlawful conduct to which I have been subjected. My “long emails’ may be something that you would like to criticize, but what I am doing here, and what I will be doing in the future, makes me satisfied that I exercise impeccable judgment in dealing with dishonest, malicious, and vindictive people. You will see, if you are capable of wise discernment, and I have my serious doubts about that. They will all be revealed, as necessary.

I do anticipate suing witness and witness, and may well include them on the same lawsuit I may be filing on the claims that I have against Spring Township, and others, though I have not finally decided on the exact timing and details of all of that. I am 100% certain, however, that it will be a proper, good faith, thing to do, and that my claims have substantial merit. In that regard, witness, ----, witness, witness, witness, and witness, are all directed to preserve any and all written and/or electronic communications, be it email, correspondence, social media posts, private messages, text messages, and otherwise, that discuss, refer or in any way relate to me. I would appreciate you voluntarily forwarding them to me, but, at the very least, they all should be preserved with the suggestion of pending and likely future litigation.

I send this email with full knowledge of the contact I received from a lawyer hired by witness several months ago to threaten and malign me because witness is a coward, and I have all the written records relating to that, as well, and will be prepared to deal with it, however they choose to proceed. All the written records I have would likely make some interesting reading, and it will all be used as evidence in any and all future proceedings. Again, I am fully-prepared to deal with all of it.
I send this email to witness , who is the lawyer for the Office of Disciplinary Counsel that is fighting to oppose my reinstatement to practice. I know that things are being gone through in detail looking for reasons to oppose my very deserved resumption of the occupation and career of my choosing, as well as my passion, and, indeed, my calling, and suspect that I have heard nothing sooner about the Mark Robbins nonsense, or the nonsense, because it is recognized as inherently non-credible; however, the recent open solicitation by these very foolish people to contact her kind of forced my hand to address it directly, so that I am not blind-sided in the future, or these things are not being held for future use. If they wind up as part of the record of my pending proceeding, with briefing and decisions coming soon, that will be very unfortunate, as these things relate to my purely private affairs, and were thrust upon me by some very unprofessional, dysfunctional, people that I only ever tried to help. Of course, also, if what ---- posts on his blog is accepted as truthful, then the question and implication may be that the things that he has posted about many other lawyers, judges, and public officials should be accepted as truthful, as well, and that would open up a host of questions as to why it is being used against me, but they are proceeding without consequence. Interesting.

I send this email to Dan Becker, the Reading Eagle people, and the Spring Township people because you have a huge problem on your hands with that Hidden Valley Condominium that you need to quit covering up, and come out and address. The building is very likely built on contaminated land, and it needs to be condemned, and those people living in that building, and the poor and elderly people living in Penn’s Crossing, need to be protected from the harms you are knowingly subjecting them to.  Witness and witness (witness’s power-of-attorney and caretaker) have fought with the truth for years, and, though they don’t deserve the least bit of dignified treatment from me, and have treated me worse than anyone I have ever come across in my life, there is a higher purpose at issue involved. I am running for United States Senate, and expect to be on the ballot, and I assure you, I will be continuing to address that issue until it is resolved. I made a promise to do so, as well.

I include Steve Corbett and Jim Halpin on this email because I think that the hearing on March 7 will be a good opportunity to see ---- get a valuable lesson in responsible journalism and in being a gadfly, muckraker, and/or advocate, and the harms that can be done to the valuable effort of blowing the whistle on public misconduct and corruption when irresponsible, unprincipled, insecure, and dishonest people use their forums for personal, misguided, vindictive, purposes. ----- will fall flat on his face, I assure you. That may be entertaining, and even satisfying, for some who know the kind of unbalanced character he is, but I will probably still be there to pick him up, pat him on the head, and send him on his way with valuable lessons in life learned.
The others included on this email are for purposes of which they should be aware, and are not necessary for me to get into.

I did not include witness , my witness , on this email, because she is ill, physically and mentally, and does not deal well with stress, and, even though she has caused me annoyance and distress over the months, I care for her very much, and would not want to embroil her in this. Unfortunately, ---- does not have any sense of that, or concern for her, and would happily exploit her for fodder to try to hurt me. It is all misplaced. Desperate and stupid people do desperate and stupid things. I will reserve my further comment on all of that for another time, but assure you that the information being relied upon from and through her is 100% false, but just like witness  witness , and witness did in blindly and foolishly relying on ----, ---- has exercised equally poor judgment in jumping on, and exploiting, witness . God bless her. I really do care about her.

One thing that my life has taught me, for anyone really interested in taking a deeper look, is that God does work in mysterious ways, and the fact that ----, witness witness witness , and even witness all found each other in all of your lives over me, with no urging or action from me to make any of it happen, really gives pause to reflect on the wondrous mysteries of our Father in heaven – “uncanny” does not do it justice, and it is my faith that allows me to send emails like this with utmost confidence that it is the right thing to do in the pursuit of justice.

From: Andy Ostrowski []
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2016 2:26 PM
To: 'Mark Robbins'
Subject: Ostrowski v. ---- March 7, 2016 hearing

This email is for legal purposes in connection with an upcoming hearing scheduled for March 7, 2016 at 10:45 a.m. before District Justice Barilla.
I note, at the outset, that the “no contact” direction in the below December 26, 2015 email from you was breached by you with your phone call, and text message of January 27, 2016 and text message of January 28, 2016.
Although I do not have the right to get discovery from you in connection with this proceedings, I anticipate that these matters may proceed beyond March 7, 2016, and am making a few requests of you.
First, I ask that you bring with you on March 7, 2016 all documents that support any and every contention you made in your February 23, 2016 post on, and for any other post that you have made that directly and/or indirectly discusses, refers, and/or in any way relates to me.
Next, please bring with you and all posts from that discuss refer and/or in any way relate to me. I am asking for all current posts, all edits and reposts, and all posts that have been posted, and taken down.
I also would like all facebook messages, emails, and/or any other written and/or electronic communications that you have disseminated that discuss, refer, and/or in any way relate to me.

If you do not bring all of these things with you on March 7, 2016, I request that you preserve all of them as evidence in ongoing legal proceedings, with sanctions to be sought in the event that they are not preserved and produced.