Sunday, February 14, 2016



Did you cry when Bin Laden died?

Would the blacks of 1963 have cried if George Wallace had passed away?

Spare your tears for Scalia !!

The man was a bully and a bigot and ignorantly fought to take away the freedoms of millions who never chose to be gay.

Some say he had a brilliant mind. Yes. To hurt people.

When one consider that gay youth commit suicide at 8 times the average - we can point to people like Scalia and Conservative Christians who cherry pick and misinterpret scripture.

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ONE "NUGGET"    Did you know that homosexuality as an orientation was not recognized until the late 19th century? The term didn't enter the Bible until the 1950's.

So people that use the word "homosexual" as though it existed in Biblical times are ALWAYS wrong!

Folks. I have read tin some places that we should spread love and  light etc... But there is an appropriate place for righteous anger. I stand for the friends of the young man whose Memorial service I was at last week who took his life at age 22. It is entirely appropriate to to point the facts of  Scalia's life and his evil influence. If you want to spread "love and light" then go ahead... please don't lecture me as our gay youth is killing themselves. I choose differently than you. Let me be,