Monday, April 4, 2016


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This blog post today will begin with an inside look at the severe psychological manipulation and depravity occurring within (for profit) Gratitude Training. The woman below, in order to subsidize her many unpaid labor hours at GT, offered to pose NUDE for cash and food. Some of the posts resulting from this request are posted below.  This may make you both sad and outraged at the same time. 

CONTEXT: GRACE NORIEGA (obviously not embarrassed within this cult) had volunteered to let men take nude pictures of her so she could get a "little food and money" to help subsidize her unpaid labor at (for profit) Gratitude Training. Such labor included shift work while "door guarding" (sitting outside a door with while a program was held). GT teaches that "door guarding" is important in order to hold "sacred space" (no one is ever told exactly what that means). When I saw her volunteering to pose nude (and whatever activity that could follow) I stepped in and brought light to this ABSOLUTELY CRAZED scenario. I offered to buy Grace Noriega food rather than posing naked and she never responded.  Apparently someone did bring her groceries only AFTER I brought light to her proposition. But I saw NO EVIDENCE that the CEO/FOUNDER (Jo Englesson, who claims a vision of World Peace) chipped in to help. 

In this Facebook post above, someone has the guts to call out what is really going on here. 
Please know, she is modeling for scraps of food and money - and looking for some seedy cult member to get his jollies by snapping pics. We don't know if it would have ended with "just nude pictures (ahem!). Nude modeling is not her profession (nor could it be).

 Above, "Authoring" is a core principle of GT. It means we "write" are own script in life. Very close to just playing God ourselves. And it is all omplete horse shit. Aborted as a fetus? You wrote it (authored it). So, according to their own principles, Jo Englesson authored me into her life so I can shut this cult down (and count it... it will happen!) Jo Engellson may have even "authored" her own prison sentence for tax evasion! How exquisite!

I was the first to step in and offer food but I wasn't responded to. So is this a happy story or actually a remarkably sad one? As a reference point, Hare Krishnas are mandated to beg for their substinence. Apparently so is Grace Noriega. Able to speak up for her issues? Huh? To panhandle and pose nude?

Model, actress, and motivational speaker? Yea... and I want to be the next
Michael Jordan. Students become drunk on "magical thinking" which is a toxic and addicting 
substance within Gratitude Training. A massive hangover comes along in the form of "reality."

Grace's first solicitation to pose naked.

As you can see, none of her friends actually offered her food for money. More interested in seeing a naked girl. Describes the morals within Gratitude Training.