Monday, April 4, 2016

Can anyone confirm this?

G Dessoye's wife was looking for her son late Friday night
She was accosted by 2 black men.
G Dessoye's son is the biggest --  -- at 2 high schools.
Confirmed by two... any others? 

Jared Kane pleaded guilty to false signatures this past year
Baby Kane was in rehab
Baby Kane was seen at bar
Baby Kane hired by Penguins

If true... please boycott Penguins
In WB alcohol always wins!
Ask Chief Judge Hughes, DA Salavantis, Asst DA Sanguedolce,  3 Kanes, G Dessoye,
State Trooper Commander Degnan,
 Leighton, Cronauer and others.

To get ahead you must consume vast amounts of booze.