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JJ Murphy has quite a sense of entitlement... see Europe Trip to look at pools below.

- He had the city of Wilkes-Barre should for his security system (JJ... you are not that important... no one care about you)
- He sued a suburb of Philly because he didn't get a job (JJ... maybe they saw the $300 per hour you were scamming out of Wilkes-Barre... see below.
- It was during his testimony that it was confirmed that Leighton only worked half days mostly for ribbon cutting.
- He surreptitiously was receiving $300 from Leighton per hour as a "consultant" for the Parking Authority. When it was revealed he hid and slithered away.

Does King's have a major in corruption? Gerard Dessoye, Mike Dessoye, Tony George, Tom Leighton, JJ Murphy, Drew McLaughlin (spokes joke)... led by the completely corrupt Father (less) Ryan who knew of Gerard Dessoye and LAG Towing, the heroin honey, and the drug house Dessoye protected. For this Dessoye gets $85,000. I think King's needs a Godly cleansing to protect the good ones (Tedd Max, D Madden, Mike Pasquini, Sue Henry etc...)

JJ Murphy   $300 / $400 per hour    This was paid through his brother’s Philly law firm. People were stunned.
Alan Wohlstetter   $400 / $500 per hour    Wohlstetter worked for the Philly firm.
Rosen, Jenkins, & Greenwald    $200      Approximate pay for City solicitor
Total = $900 per hour     To go as high as $1,100 per hour
Additionally, JJ Murphy is named in a lawsuit against the city. The lawsuit states that Murphy satisfies the element of “intent to harm” by interfering with a contractual relation as wells as a “tortious interference” claim against a local business. Federal Judge Richard Caputo refused to dismiss the charges against Murphy.

This lawsuit is expected to be the biggest civil rights lawsuit in NEPA’s history. Thanks JJ.

Murphy – you left with you tail between your legs in a fog of shame and embarrassment. You left so fast you left your family behind. You may call people in the article idiots… but you will long be remembered as the snake. Go slither in your hole.

I TRIED !!!!


posted Apr 14, 2012, 11:18 AM by WilkesBarreCity TaxpayerAssociation
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Dear Ms. Kelly of the Attorney General, the Phil FBI, and other esteemed authorities:
Thank you for reviewing this urgent matter. You might label this letter as a pre-emptive strike against what is quickly blooming into a corruption hail storm. Very seriously, with the numbers in play, this has the potential to be area’s biggestbribe scheme – EVER! After I had written a letter to the W-B City Council, some stunning new developments appeared on the front page of the paper (The Citizen’s Voice).

The Players:  Patrick Murphy (Attorney General Candidate) and JJ Murphy (his brother):    Patrick Murphy is the Managing partner of Fox Rothschild law firm in PhiladelphiaThis law firm firm hired was hired by the Wilkes-Barre at the urging of JJ Murphy to oversee the sale of the parking authority. JJ Murphy claims it was all a coincidence. The firm then turned around and hired JJ Murphy as a consultant - despite never doing business with him.                
A) JJ Murphy “told Leighton” to hire this Philly law firm to the exclusion of local and city (W-BattorneysWhy is Leighton listening to JJ Murphy who is two years out of office as W-B City Administrator?
B) The firm agreed to pay JJ Murphy $300/hr to be paid by W-B ($8,100 total so far) How does that work? How can a law firm tell a client who to hire as a consultant and what they must pay? Makes no sense.
C) The law firm has recommended a 2nd consultant to do “valuations” for $5,000. Are you kidding me? I have an MBA and worked in Corporate finance. A discounted cash flow evaluation might take 10 minutes.
D) The law firm even recommended a 3rd consultant to do more work but the W-B Parking Authority resisted.
E) The total to date is $8,100. He has charged $5 per minute! Many in this city only make $9 per hour.
                        … Nobody seems to know exactly what JJ Murphy has done for $ 8,100
                        … The conflict of interests and these payments have been kept “super quiet” until now. I wonder why?
F) JJ Murphy was also part of a “charm campaign” headed by Leighton/Dessoye last fall to “make me go away” after I exposed massive corruption in Wilkes-Barre. See GratefulHands.net / “$1 M Cover-up by Leighton” (p 10)

Mayor Leighton has abdicated responsibility. He blames it on the Parking Authority because technically, they hired the firm. But according to one member (Ed Katarsky) of the Parking Authority (Citizen’s Voice), “He (Leighton) was pushing us, pressuring us to do it.” Katarsky and others are clearly frustrated. “The cost was to be around $175,000. Now we are worried it will top $300,000.”

Leighton wants to sell the parking authority in W-B. As you can see on the next page… I don’t think they turn a profit now. He wants $20 million and he wants the buyer to assume more than $ 10 million in debt. His idea is so wildly stupid you will have to read the next page to see for yourself. A person that would pay this much would be if it served as a bribe for a far bigger project. Yet he talks about “this lease” which sounds like he has someone in mind. One thing I know – as a stand-alone deal it is preposterous. I also don’t believe that all $300 per hour that JJ Murphy makes. Like the “Cars for Cash” scam – Leighton skims from the “take.” Bribery and/or kickbacks stands as the best explanation for what he does.

HOW YOU CAN HELP (to the extent that you can):
A)    Since the agreement with Fox Rothschild was set up under obvious duress – it should be nullified.
B)     Leighton needs to be suspended while an investigation takes place. There is too much evidence of corruption.
C)     “Cars for Cash”… “Million dollar cover-up”… “Two protected drug houses”… can be seen on GratefulHands.net
Lastly, let me say I am the best person to point out corruption. I am completely independent and am beholden to nobody.

Prepared by Mark M Robbins  MarkRobbins56@yahoo.com
GratefulHands.net (presented at W-B Council meeting)

Pro Forma Income Statement (Annual; in thousands ($ k))

$900 k             Revenue (taken from actual parking figures)                      
Price Constraints in effect (hurts potential buyer)
                        Fines for metered parking goes to the city (hurts potential buyer)  
72                    8 % fee to city of Wilkes-Barre
350                  Interest on $7 million bond (assumes very low 5 %)
100                  Interest on outstanding debt on Intermodal (estimate… don’t have exact figure)
150                  Salaries for Labor (2 shifts; 3 workers per shift… very conservative estimate)
50                    Manager’s Salary
80                    Benefits expense   (very conservative… at Harris Corp equaled 51% of payroll)
30                    Liability Insurance
100                  Modernization (to be paid for by buyer… look at conditions at Boscov Park-ade)
-32                   ($ Loss in thousands)

Annual Income of …                           takes this many years to pay back $20M + $7M debt
$250 k                                                 108 years
$500 k                                                 54 years
$750 k                                                 36 years
$ 1 Million                                           27 years          

            Anybody with a sound mind would “pass” on this. The city has a duty to tell any buyer that there is no likelihood that they will get their money back in their life time. Not disclosing this fact would be like not telling a buyer of a home that their house sits on a sink hole. It is fraudIf the city ever sold this to a legitimate (but gullible) person the city would find itself in court for years.

            Minimally, the public needs to see the income statements for the Parking Authority. Council members and whoever will vote on this – please demand to see the Parking Authority Income Statements. It is the bottom line that is of interest – not the top line. Yet, these statements must be looked at from the buyer’s viewpoint. Does it make sense? Or is it nonsense? The “better the deal” is for Wilkes-Barre… the more chance is that it is a bribe.

            As it stands now, nobody with even a modicum of business acumen would touch this. This is a completely bogus business deal. Completely illegitimate. The question becomes: Who is willing to funnel $20 million plus the $ 7 million in debt into the city and what are they getting in return? This has the “prints” of the “Million dollar mystery” all over it. Back then it was the purchase fire trucks for a charter school. Here we have a non-income producing parking authority.  I am going on record to say this has corruption written all over it. This looks, acts, and smells like a bribe. What big contracts are in the pipeline that would have someone pay $20M and take on massive debt? Any buyer needs to be completely scrutinized.

Parking consultant raises eyebrows in W-B

BY JOSH MOYER (STAFF WRITER)    Published: April 13, 2012
Mark Moran / The Citizens' Voice Members of the Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority met Thursday to discuss parking fees.
Residents are paying former city administrator J.J. Murphy $300 an hour as a consultant while the city explores whether to lease its parking assets, according to the Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority. Murphy has already received $8,130 for 27.1 hours of work and has billed the Parking Authority for times ranging from 12-minute periods to seven hours, according to a March 19 time sheet that was obtained by The Citizens' Voice.
Murphy, who left the city in January 2010, said he recommended to Mayor Tom Leighton that Wilkes-Barre hire the Fox Rothschild law firm to put together proposals and oversee the process. One of Fox Rothschild's partners is Patrick MurphyJ.J. Murphy's brother who is running for thestate attorney general.
Leighton denied responsibility for the law firm hiring Murphy as a consultant, saying the Parking Authority ultimately approved hiring Fox Rothschild. But one Parking Authority board member pointed the finger at Leighton. "He was pushing us, pressuring us to do it," board member Ed Katarsky said Thursday. "And we just kind of gave in." Board members at Thursday's Parking Authority meeting expressed frustration at the snowballing costs of the consulting fees.
Initially, the total cost was expected to be in the range of $175,000. Now, Katarsky and others worried the authority could be on the hook for more than $300,000. "It's not right," said G. Terry Madonna, Franklin & Marshall's director of the Center for Politics and Public Affairs. "I hate to say this, but it sort of sounds like business as usual in cities and governments across the country."
Leighton acknowledged Thursday afternoon he talked with Murphy last winter about leasing the city's parking assets, but he said he was not responsible for hiring his friend. "It's an absolute coincidence,"J.J. Murphy said in a telephone interview, explaining his brother is not involved in the project. After getting the contract in January, Fox Rothschild turned around and hired J.J. Murphy, who formed GOALS Consulting, and they settled on a $300-per-hour fee. (to be paid by W-B of course!) The Parking Authority, which gets its funding from the city's parking garages, is paying that fee. Asked whether his law firm had ever before hired GOALS Consulting, the attorney representing Fox Rothschild, AlanWohlstetter, paused for 15 seconds before saying no.
J.J. Murphy said he would have recommended any law firm that employed Wohlstetter. It is purely a coincidence his brother works at the same firm, he said.  (yea… right!!) Fox Rothschild has hired as a second consultant Shelly Communications and on Thursday tried to hire a third consultant. After a small uproar from the board, the attorney representing the firm instead settled on a $5,000 retainer for DESMAN Associates, who would work on the valuations.
"They're hiring all these consultants," Katarsky added. "We knew they had the right to do it, but it's kind of getting out of hand here a little bit." Wilkes-Barre's City Council voted Thursday night to continue to the second phase of the project, which would solicit proposals. Council members Bill Barrett and Tony George expressed surprise after the meeting that J.J. Murphy was hired as a consultant. (This is true… Leighton often leaves city council members in the dark). But, they said, they had no control over that. City council will face a more important vote later this year on whether to actually lease the city's parking assets to a private entity. Thursday's vote just gave the Parking Authority approval to seek more information. "If it's not going to benefit the city," George said, "I'm not going to vote for it."
Leighton said he, too, would not recommend the city approve a lease if it wouldn't be beneficial. He also believed J.J. Murphy's hiring wasn't unusual because the city hires former Department of Public Works employees to plow snow and mow lawns. (for $300 per hour?)  This situation, he said, is similar. “This wasn't hidden," Leighton said. "If there was a conflict, I would not have done it. If (J.J.) retired last month and we're doing it now, that's a conflict. He was on his own for two years now."
jmoyer@citizensvoice.com, 570-821-2052