Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Salavantis: To be charged with RICO?

A story you will only get through WB Truth. The newspapers will no longer investigate and only report "after the fact" convictions. Big Deal. This id the equivalent of copying and pasting. The dereliction of duty from the papers takes a key watchdog element
out of Luzerne county and further cements NE Pa as the armpit of America.
Current County Manager Dave Pedri; THE SON
DA Salavantis - picture not to scale. The actual Salavantis has significantly more arm fat and a hallowed look from drinking.


Salavantis to Dave Pedri = "Let's make a deal (hush... it is illegal)
(1) I will overlook my sworn duty and NOT prosecute your father fr the $105,000 he stole. I will go after all others who steal (who aren't connected). I realize that severe punishment from the Pa Bar against your dad does not absolve me of my obligations.
(2) In return you (Dave Pedri) must promise not to run for DA for fear that might you might beat me. I will hang the prosecution of your dad over your head. This includes referring the matter to the state attorney general, 
(3) As City Manager I expect special favors from you (say, money for higher salaries, extra prosecutors since I am scare of the court room... generally stuff to make me look good.)"

Dave Pedri: "DEAL!"

Middle District and FBI  > Could you look me in the eye and say this is legal and above board? You know couldn't. Please do your job. There is no valid reason for Charles Pedri not to be charged in a court of law like every other thief. This is a clear example of organized crime

Charles Pedri (when caught stealing, he pays back $105,000).    See HERE

Charles Pedri suspended by PA BAR for 5 years.   See HERE

It is time for Salavantis spend time with "Butch and Penelope" in prison. She is clearly part of significant organized crime.
 - She was let off (with Asst DA Sanguedolce in passenger seat) during a DUI
 - County wide cover up of DUI including state police and Chief Judge Hughes (Stef's handy little campaign helper)
 - She found Leighton innocent of gas gate. The reason? They had a culture of theft. Nice.
 -  She sat on her hands during LAG Towing (not one auto theft) when I personally informed her of hundreds of cars being stolen by "coke head" Glodzik.
 - She allowed three horses to needlessly starve to death.
 - She threw out more than 45 DUI's... some from Asst DA Sanguedolce's firm

Being an idiot does not excuse crime. Nevertheless Salavantis is a flaming idiot. She went to the worst law school in the country and flunked the bar. She is a heavy drinker who often calls Uber to take her home from bars. At the "children's debate" in the Fall... she used her legalese prowess by stating repeatedly that there are "good people" and bad people" (who commit "bad" crimes). She is nothing but a security blanket to the corrupt and the cronies who might lose their jobs if a legitimate DA was in place. Her first appointment was Mike Dessoye who serves as the hub for local corruption.