Thursday, August 11, 2016

Guess what Councilman Harry Haas? YOU ARE A BIGOT

In regards to passing an ordinance granting equal rights to LGBTS... Harry Haas said the following (my comments in blue).
According to the Times Leader, Councilman Harry Haas said he supports all residents, including the LGBT community, and maintained policies targeting specific groups are discriminatory and lead to more division.
Harry Haas, please explain how equal rights discriminate. Maybe I am not as smart as you... but I can't wrap my head around this.
“I’m here to protect all of you – anybody — heterosexual, homosexual, multi-sexual — I don’t even know what the terms are anymore because it’s getting out of control,” he said.
Harry Haas... I know that variations of nature are truly hard to comprehend. It's very exhausting. 4 % don't fit the heterosexual norm. 

Kind of like hair color. There's black, brown, blonde, dirty blonde, grey etc. Totally out of control. How is one to keep up? Even 1-2 % are red heads. Aren't you glad you are not discriminated against, Harry Haas?  

He said some are using laws to make people “feel good about lifestyles” that are “incompatible” with the religious views of others. Those who challenge often are labeled as bigots, he said.
"Feel good about lifestyles" is far right Christian language for LGBT being a choice This man is profoundly ignorant and offensive. Nature chooses orientation. Who makes nature? God. Are you following,  Harry Haas?
"Incompatible with religious views?" This code for radical Christians. Harry Haas doesn't care about nor does he know about other religions. He is speaking from his conservative Christian bigotry.
Harry Haas had the audacity and the mind numbing ignorance to read from the book of Isaiah (Old Testament) at a Council meeting. He chose some arbitrary passage and what he didn't see was everybody rolling their eyes.
Since I know about 20 times more than Harry Haas does about the Bible and LGBT's... listen up, Harry... and try and "keep up."
In the United States, the biggest enemy of the welfare, safety, the rights of LGBT's are
... not the Black Panthers
... not white supremacists
... not law enforcement
... it is the lunatic Christian fringe (this means you, Harry)
Case in point (today, 8/11/16) I joined a protest on the 60th day of the Orlando massacre. Present was the minister of the largest evangelical church in Orlando among many other pastors. Inside the Conference Center was a close meeting of the the most vile and hate filled ministers on the planet. Here is a short list. My two favorites are Scott Lively (sponsor of the "Kill the Homos" Bill in Uganda) and Mat Staver (who gives free legal representation to Scott Lively the exporter of murder as well as the thrice married heart throb, the Kentucky clerk Kim Davis).

Link: Christian Affirmation for idiots and bigots HERE
Picture of today's protest... and state of HARRY HAAS'S Christianity:  The ministers at the protest were not allowed to join the anti-gay pastors in the conference center in the background !!! THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH IS A MESS.
A picture below; not a video

I note that other Luzerne County people were reasonable in voting no in that the County ordinance was not enforceable. I hope Harry Haas can learn from the material presented here. He is clearly ignorant... but that can no longer be used an excuse. I want every Council person from this day forward to state on the record why LGBT's should not have equal rights.