Tuesday, August 2, 2016


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Imagine showing up at an anti-trafficking conference... and the monsters, the sex traffickers that tried to groom and steal your kid are given VIP treatment by the "alleged" anti-trafficking group (BTHC) running it? I sat in the 2nd row. I was right behind the speakers in the first row. I handed out my business cards (“HAT” Humans Against Trafficking) and was amazed at the terse responses. There was no engagement (except for Judge Stacy Ross; Victor Williams didn’t raise suspicion either).

The New Beginnings' (NB) owners showed up. Leland Koble (or "Sir Top" as she goes by in her BDSM world) Bonnie Lazarus ("Slave Bonnie" in the BDSM world) brought their filthy presence to the summit as a way to try and "play" or "continue to play" the organizers. Or more simply, given the pay offs distributed, many played together... indivisible... with injustice and blood oaths for all.


It soon became clear that several organizers/speakers were comfortable with and cognizant of New Beginnings (NB). Leland Koble and Bonnie Lazarus of NB were fawned upon. No attendees (hundreds there getting CLE credits) were given a tenth of the private time given to these sex traffickers. In fact, three of the staff/organizers spent “active workshop time” meeting with Leland Koble in private. During this approximate half hour there were several glances at me from an adjacent room.

I gave my card to the Honorable Stacy Ross and she was interested in my group and we had a brief and cordial chit chat (as I said…Victor Williams; retired from Homeland Security was a neutral party from my point of view). Later, there was a clear demarcation between Judge Ross’s reaction of shock when I pointed out the presence of traffickers and to the workshop-long behavior of several others. I am 100 per cent sure that Judge Ross knew nothing about the trafficking at NB.  

Kristine Bradley (Assistant Attorney General) met with the NB owners after the workshop and she may have been poisoned by the other perpetrators (and that’s what they are!) during the workshop. Or maybe not. I am truthful in stating she was very stand-offish to me and was incredibly generous with her time to the sex traffickers. These are the facts.

It is clear to me that the roots of New Beginnings run very deep in Broward County. There must be tens of millions of dollars generated from the 700 “patients” (Leland Koble’s claim) at NB. I guarantee there have not been 700 surgeries (top only; breasts) at $7,000 per surgery. These kids are trapped as sex slaves. There is one source of revenue. Sex trafficking. Is there any group more vulnerable than the targeted transgender youth? Many of whom are likely throw-aways or runaways?  And many from overseas! There is no one looking for these kids. Except me.

Jumorrow-Terah Johnson, Tabitha Bush, Patrice Roloto, and Assistant State Attorney Kristine Edwards were the coddlers. The NB owners were VIP’s. What is interesting is that a lady I met who is part of an anti-trafficking group in Palm Beach County commented about BHTC and the lack of effort in rescuing victims in Broward County. She expressed that any plans or good intentions simply disappear over time. No surprise. This indicates to me that NB has been paying off people for quite some time.  The sex traffickers have been completely exposed for at least 8 months and it is widely known they are under FBI investigation. Things are way too quiet.

77 indicators implicate New Beginnings (go to Home page and find link) as a sex trafficking ring of epic proportions. Maybe the biggest shop in Florida... ever. The "surgical recovery house?" Their fake business façade. Many, after reading my blog, have cut ties with New Beginnings and their sister cult, Gratitude Training. This includes Children's Home Services, plastic surgeon Dr. Garramone, and Trader Joe's who were tricked into giving NB free food.

LET THIS BE A LESSON - TRAFFICKERS CAN AND WILL SHOW UP ANYWHERE. They are maestros of manipulation. They will bribe anything with a pulse. Consider too the desperation. Prison time could never make up for the destruction of so many lives. Endless rapes and bribes. I have 5200 members in my FB group which has grown 150 % in a month. People are catching on. Ignorance is not in play here. There are no excuses. There are no rationalizations. BHTC is engaged in smack down in-your-face corruption at its very worst.

It is curious that my application and requested sponsorship for the conference was nowhere to be found. I guess they wanted me to disappear like all of the trafficked kids at New Beginnings. At no time in 8 months has BHTC ever replied to any of many inquiries. As the hardest working anti sex trafficking activist in S Florida... I can assure you they have been completely worthless. I literally have had to drive to Orlando three times so I could actually meet other human beings in the cause.

New Beginnings sex trafficking ring runs a 2 million dollar home with 3 "interns" (for same day out patient therapy?) with no donations and no legal income. They pay the bills with trafficked money. Their business model was VERY slick and very hidden - until I spoiled it for them. To save my kid. They claim 700 "patients" who are almost entirely unaccounted for. Transgender throw-aways and runaways are easily missed... and at the same time their biological female bodies are just that - female! What the buyers want. Besides Koble and Lazarus, the third board member is Francine Rahe. She is the head trainer at Gratitude Training and the owner/manager of “Beyond Leather.” This is a BDSM business that meets in secret locations. The fourth board member is Buck Angel. He is also listed as NB’s community advocate. He is a former transgender porn star of the year and is heavily involved in the porn business in LA. Dr. Sasanni is a frequent visitor at NB (from their posted pics). His mission is to protect the façade of NB.

New Beginnings can easily be sitting upon tens of millions of dollars generated off the bodies of trafficked youth. One kid can bring in $250 k per year. What do 500-700 kids fetch over 6 years? Were some used as sacrifices in their BDSM empire? Used for the sex warehouses? Any involvement in the known swinging parties with their fellow cult members in Gratitude Training? Or just done away with?

Questions takes one to very dark places. I saw too many red flags today. Too many to ignore. Behavior that can't be explained other than the sharing of cold hard cash generated from the warm bodies of trafficked youth. The behavior of those receiving bribes was as clear and transparent as the noon day sun. The BHTC is a conduit to the court house and a hope-filled ladder to freedom. Well the ladder just fell.

To make this more human... I received a message that a mom has been without her missing daughter for 95 days. I want to give the mom hope but I cannot. A 2 per cent rescue rate is pathetic... but it keeps people working in a field where the Johns run free and always will as long as the good ole boys club is in place. Without a severe reduction in demand (like pics of Johns in the paper), supply will always meet demand. Awareness is a mild tonic that gives ground to chronic and insatiable appetite of buyers.  

Lastly, I, like others, are happy to be see traffickers arrested. Yet my happiness is tempered knowing that thousands of rapes occur while the investigations are taking place. Every workshop I have been to fails to bring up the issue of demand / buyers / the Johns. The system is broken and is circular. In deference to my Economics degree and my MBA and my CMA (Accounting) and CFM (Finance), may I ask that you look at my proposal. I guarantee my solution be a runaway success compared to the current model.