Sunday, July 31, 2016


It will be interesting to see how Plains police will doctor (falsify) this police report. This weekend... in Plains... LCTA Bus Station was demolished near 500 N Main St in Plains. Based on extremely reliable sources and physical damage plain to see...

The Driver Pa State Trooper Don MacRae III (Fern Ridge Barracks) - Turn your self in for Leaving the scene of an accident and an alleged DUI and the cover up.
F--- your thin blue line.
F--- your systemic corruption.
F--- the PSP for covering up for the corrupt DA Salavantis's DUI

WB Cop Pete Cordaro (below; passenger in the car) - Turn your self in for your part in the cover up... POLICE CORRUPTION.

To protect and serve (other cops)

Plains Cops - Turn yourself in for your cover up... POLICE CORRUPTION.

PSP Captain Degnan - We have had enough. Resign. Pretend like you did not know about this. Go ahead you liar. No matter if the trooper was in Fern Ridge barracks or Wyoming... you failed to take action.

You jerks put the good cops at risk through your corruption. This is why people HATE YOU. This is what pushes people near the edge to take out cops.

I was charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident two years ago. Only it was never reported as an accident. How the hell does that happen? I was pinned in at Motorworld and grazed two cars during a torrential rain storm trying to get out. 

State Trooper Don MacRae III walks with nothing? 
Are you kidding me?

All cops know about this (if I know they know).
All knew about the LAG Towing auto theft empire.
All cops knew that Dessoye was protecting a drug house.

How can you possibly ask for sympathy from the public?

You are the thugs and bullies and morons from high school 
who couldn't make it in the real world. Now you want to 
get paid for "bullying with a badge." Some of you live on a diet of alcohol and steroids (and cover -ups.) If you weren't
cops you would probably be skin heads.

What is the difference between dirty cops and the bloods and crips?
The bloods and crips are more honest about what they stand for.

Go ahead... continue with your cover ups and bullying... just don't expect us to shed a tear when you are taken out. It is this shit that makes people white hot with anger. You are scum.
Do you want to know what enabling and covering up looks like?
See the WBPD former chief below (Dessoye)
This is what you can look forward to.

Alcohol plus Corruption = THIS
Dead man walking
(Emotionally dead, vacuous soul... but still is alive)