Saturday, July 30, 2016

This will make you sad... and angry

Look at the picture below.  The ashen pallor looks and the deadness in the eyes shows a man who, in my opinion, is not well. He needs help. This picture also  represents a sign post for first assistant DA Sam Sanguedolce if he doesn't get help for his drinking.
Did Gerard Dessoye receive help? No. He was protected and enabled. I warned King's College that hiring former WBPD Chief Dessoye  was a colossal mistake given his condition and his past for covering up for other "users." Catherine Meehan (the heroin honey) and Leo Glodzik (newspaper stated he got drug counseling... he stole cars like an addict would).

Salavantis... you failed this man by looking the other way. He doesn't need a hug (above) - he needs rehab. 

"Father" Ryan... you willingly risked young lives by hiring Dessoye
Head Detective Mike Dessoye... you ruined your family name (if there was anything left that could be ruined) by enabling your brother.

This is a story about the predictable effects of alcoholism.
It is also the story of MASSIVE county corruption that has officials cover for an alcoholic who desperately needed help.

Luzerne County Head Detective Mike Dessoye; appointed by Salavantis
Now there are sex allegations.
Nice job brother Mike!