Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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Mind control is more subtle and sophisticated than say, brainwashing a POW, the person doing the manipulations is often considered a friend or a teacher or e Trainer, so the victim is not actually trying to defend themselves. In fact, he or she may be a willing participant, and believing that the manipulator has their best interests in mind, they often providing private information willingly, which is then used against them, to continue the mind control.

This makes mind control as dangerous, if not more so, than physical coercion. In other words, it can be even more effective than torture, physical abuse, drugs etc. That's worth repeating. In mind control, there may be no physical coercion or violence, but it can actually be much more effective in controlling a person. That's because coercion can change behavior, but coercive persuasion (mind control) will change attitude and behavior. And the 'victim' is happily and actively participates in the changes, believing it is best for them!

With mind control the individual is not aware of the extent of the influence being imposed upon them. In this way they make small changes over time, often believing that they are making decisions for themselves, when, in fact, all the decisions are being made for them. And it is a process, in that it does not happen abruptly. It takes time, although the length of time will depend on such factors as the methods used, the duration of exposure to the techniques and other social and personal factors. There is force involved. There may or may not be physical force, but there definitely is psychological and social force and pressure.