Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Better news for Diamond City Partnership


Surveillance cameras video  HERE!
See Leighton Campaign Ad HERE !
Old River Road  Here
Big Check dance    Here!

Hotel Sterling    Here !  
(courtesy Kevin Dougherty)

Well... it looks like the Diamond City Partnership does "something" as evidenced HERE.

That is a good thing. But a comparison is in order. A volunteer ran "Pride fest" with food vendors, product vendors, entertainment, security etc.  Do we need a separate entity to do what Diamond City Partnership does? Somebody in the Chamber couldn't handle this?

If you haven't noticed... WB pays three people to screw in one light bulb. It is called nepotism and crony-ism.

Please answer these fair questions:

1) What are you paid?

2) Is there overlap between:
- Diamond City Partnership
- The Chamber where you left as the "VP of planning, policy, and development." (Was that job filled?)
- Downtown WB Business Association
- Downtown Business Improvement District
- City Hall jobs related to economic development

3) If you did a really poor job I assume there is some mechanism for you to be fired (even if it may not be enforced). Given this, is it not incredibly self serving and biased for you to DO YOUR OWN STUDY on how well WB is doing (thus patting your self on the back)?

4) One outside (objective) study listed WB as 100 out of 100 in terms of economic frowth coming out of the recession. HOW DOES THIS "SQUARE" WITH YOUR ROSY RESULTS?


6)  Was your e mail survey sent to people on your e mail list (friends etc) thus destroying the integrity of the study? 

7)  What exactly is a public/private partnership? Please tell us about the private aspect.

8)  A board of 35 people. Are you kidding me? Is this an attempt to boost the esteem of those named in order to protect you?

People are frustrated because it appears that you string together an endless series of business buzz words to describe yourself and no one can get a clear picture.

Please respect the public's right to serve as watchdogs if you are using public money.     Thank  You