Friday, August 15, 2014

TO: WB NAACP and President Ron Felton

Dear Ron Felton of NAACP –

          I read in the paper that WB Mayor Leighton can’t spare $72,000 for the MLK holiday. Given this, I thought it may interest you to see what has happened to $ 8.5 million. This may seem like an amazing number… but not when you consider the direct costs and the public costs.  What do you think Sherman Hills alone costs the city in police manpower?

See Cit Voice article: HERE.      See TL article here: HERE

My Count:   6 Federal Investigations
(1)            Federal raid two years ago on WB police (LAG?)
(2)            Federal raid on Credit union
(3)            Federal jurisdiction over Gas Gate
(4)            Federal Investigation into Parking Authority
(5)            Federal Raid on Sherman Hills
(6)            Federal raid on LAG Towing (this past week)
Plus… Felony conviction on Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing

Accounting for $8.5 Million

Approximations of “Leighton/City generated” expenses
and money wasted/stolen/due/hidden
$60,0000   Unneeded Spokesman (never needed McLaughlin who just; incl                          benefits           
$500,000   Estimate for legal fees (up to 60 depositions for Thom Greco
                    civil rights case)
$4,600,000   Camera System that won’t work
$58,000         City gas stolen (Gas Gate)
$10,000 ($100k?)     Cost of two city cops driving a drunken Leighton home
$500,000         Taxes owed by city contractor (LAG)
$80,000     Parking Authority payments to JJ Murphy and Fox Rothschild
$ 200,000   Estimate to defend city from corruption (federal investigations)
$1,000,000  Money laundered and/or hidden through a charity for fire trucks (Leighton did not disclose)
$ 25,000    Alarm systems
$500,000   Wasted money on “do nothing” jobs
`                           (A)    Leighton’s 3 hour workday
                             (B)    Controller who doesn’t show up  
                             (C)     Redundant “city manager/ econ devt” positions

$1,000,000 (low estimate) for poor performances/ dereliction/ soaring crime rates/ Sherman Hills etc… for widespread alcohol abuse and/or addiction and/or protection of drug houses

TOTAL = $ 8,533,000   (excluding nearly all of the social costs that go along with corruption)