Thursday, August 28, 2014


Two very reliable sources approached members of the Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers' Association (WBTPA) and affirmed that KING'S is offering WB Police Chief Gerard Dessoye the KINGS security post so Dessoye (KINGS GRAD) could keep his pension in the likely event he was forced out of his police chief job due to wide-spread corruption.


Is it the mission of KINGS COLLEGE to rescue criminals?
Is it the calling of FATHER RYAN to act as an aider, abbetor, and enabler?



It appears the hiring of Dessoye at KINGS is still on schedule. KINGS has been notified about Dessoye’s liabilities surrounding alcohol via
1) a recent letter by the WBTPA
2) a letter dated at least one year ago
3) the WB Taxpayers Association through this very public blog.

If hired, here are the likely and predictable roles for Dessoye:
(1)  Serve actively as security chief in an impaired state
(2)  Hide in the corner… stay at home… stay out of the way… and collect a salary.
            … liability would be present with both (1) or (2) above.

Let’s assume a girl is raped on KINGS campus. This would be horrible. But for a moment – let’s look at the legal aspect. Who is in charge? Dessoye. He needs to be of sober and sound mind. Kings would be exposed to huge liability if he is found to be inebriated. The injured party could always argue that something could have been done. Some proactive measure. Anything but what they got.

The important aspect here is that KINGS is privy to this knowledge and apparently is nonplussed. This is ALARMING.

No sane or rational person would take this chance… unless… unless… a deal has been made. This hiring looks like:
- a favor being repaid (For what?... is the question)
- a favor being proffered (What is expected in return?)

The underpinnings of a bribe are present. This is so because nobody would freely make such a stupid and insane offer. The terms are murky... even unkown. KINGS would have no reason to hide if everything was above board.

As mentioned before we hope that Dessoye gets the help he needs. One would think that Reverand Ryan (Is it Father Ryan?) would first look after this human failing. Unfortunately it appears he is being pulled by another agenda.

At a core human level… members of the WBTPA who have gained sobriety would be happy to help Gerard Dessoye. Recovery is possible and would transform the chief’s life. But he has to want it. Everything gets better when one is sober.

Lastly... whether Dessoye gets the job or not... a deal appears to have been consummated. Exchanges have been made. Intents have been made known. And it all looks fishy... even if the deal ultimately gets ripped off the table.


Leighton hires a KINGS grad... and hired more previously... KINGS sends Leighton campaign money...City Vest is under a grand jury investigation (when KINGS President O'Hara was on the board)... Leighton's kids allegedly went to KINGS for free... KINGS takes hold of a non-taxable property on the square... and now KINGS is to hire an impaired police chief?

The biggest RED FLAG is the hiring of Dessoye. The new Physiciam Assistant program sounds wonderful. But the details needs to be scrutinized. The WBTPA trusts no one from city hall or KINGS.

There is enough smoke here and as such, we will be turning all of this over to the FBI. After all, they are the pros and we are but taxpayers.

Here is a re-cap of some of Dessoye's “red flags." Nobody could honestly hire this man. Dessoye was the chief of police during:
… the horrific “Cars for Cash” (Lag Towing scandal) scandal
… Dessoye did not maintain LAG records despite it being required in the city contract
… Loaner vehicles or “bribe vehicles” were illegally being used by cops (from LAG). Dessoye did nothing.
… An old heroin-addicted girlfriend of Dessoye’s ran a drug house with immunity. I have the police reports filed.
… the two cops indicted in the Credit Union case were active cops under Dessoye
… It is widely known that Dessoye cannot and could not be counted on after a certain time of night allegedly due to drinking
… his police station was raided by the FBI (see below). What does this tell you?  
… the murder rate in 2013 put Wilkes-Barre on par with Newark or Camden

In addition, according to the WBTPA, there are seven ongoing federal investigations against the city and/or police. These all occurred on Dessoye’s watch.

7 Federal Investigations

(1)            Federal raid two years ago on WB police (LAG?)

(2)            Federal raid on Credit union (commenced)

(3)            Federal jurisdiction over Gas Gate

(4)            Federal Investigation into Parking Authority

(5)            Federal Raid on Sherman Hil

         (6)      Federal raid on LAG business in Duryea (August 2014)

(7)  Federal Grand Jury set up for City Vest
                        and ... Conviction of Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing in FBI Sting

To students, parents, alumni, faculty, and friends of King’s: We contend that this hiring is an embarrassment to the many people of integrity that represent Kings. No thoughtful person could make such a hire. It is your university and the safety of your students and faculty are at stake. Transparency is absolutely necessary for a matter that affects everyone on campus.

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