Sunday, October 26, 2014

VIDEO OF WB DOWNTOWN MELEE: Womens' shirt torn off... bottles broken... women fihghting men

189,000 views. Thank you. You make a difference by being part of the conversation.


HERE IS A PICTURE:  A Guy beating up two girls in the middle of South Main Street yards from Public Square

Legacy of Leighton, Dessoye, and "do nothing" Pashinski

This is our "college town."

Let me explain a widely known principle in AA / Recovery:

One's emotional growth stops at the time the disease of addiction kicks in. This is beacause an impaired person never learns to handle life on life's terms. They simply drink/use their problems away.

This (imo) is why Leighton is fixated on the college town theme. His drinking probably dates back to his college days if not earlier. But what Leighton really means is a college drinking town... which is what we have and why downtown W-B will never be family friendly.

If Pashinski really wanted to make a difference he would demand and/or intervene and/or make very public his insistence that Leighton get treatment for his disease since Leighton is destroying his district. And Cartwight should join him rather than doing videos with him (did this video make it in?)

But Pashinski is too weak a leader for this. Plus... he takes his orders from the state unions based on all the money they give him.

Life is funny... Leighton (and Dessoye) probably hate me more than anyone on the planet... and at the same time I seem to be the only one bold enough to tell the truth... and maybe the only one to potentially save their lives. Alcoholism is the only disease that tells you you don't have it. The layers of Leighton "yes men" have formed a formidable wall of denial. Shame on all the people who contribute to his disease. Sycophants and suck-holes.

So folks... if you keep voting like you've been voting you'll keep getting what you've been getting. Betsy Summers is not afraid of the truth. 

She has not been bought off.