Wednesday, October 15, 2014


A message to new WBPD Chief Hughes:

Public trust is critical for a man in your position. On behalf of many citizens, we ask for full full disclosure on vehicles you sold from LAG Towing (via A1 Auto) whose owner is a convicted felon. 

Selling cars from LAG would be a massive breach of ethics for any WBPD officer given the fact that it was the WBPD who ordered vehicles to be towed to this business. It is your duty to disclose to the public what was sold and if the cars you sold were legal to sell. 

We hope that there is "nothing to see here"... but your obtaining a license to sell cars (see below) at A1 Auto would indicate otherwise. If nothing else this is a strange move for a police lieutenant. You will not have the public's trust until you come clean. Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Only in W-B does the dirt rise to the top

One or two Bankruptcies
Three illicit dealer plates for his family
Selling stolen cars from LAG on consignment
(sources: multiple city residents)

All under the nose of... 
The invisible one... Eddie day Pashinski
The corrupt/impaired one... Thomas Leighton

The corrupt/impaired one... Gerard Dessoye

This appointment is an abomination.
It is an affront to decency and the law.
No police officer selling cars from LAG deserves to be chief.
This is yet another slap in the face to the honest officers who only want a leaders they respect and trust.

This provides further evidence that Thomas Leighton is morally bankrupt and can only promote those as dirty as he. It is a street gang mentality. Corruption = blood oath. He needs to resign. It's time. Corruption erodes confidence. Can somebody get through to him what an embarrassment he is? Help is available.

Above, as a high ranking officer, Hughes (now acting chief) would sell stolen LAG Cars on consignment at A1 Auto. Below, a flow chart and the licenses Hughes obtained.