Tuesday, December 2, 2014


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... Leighton should be charged with murder if this pig has a police officer killed at Sherman Hills through his corruption.

He should also be charged in this wrongful death suit (below) because it was Leighton – and no one else – that was in charge of inspections.

Apparently a cop getting shot at Sherman Hills did not move Leighton’s moral compass a speck. Just Gimme the money.

CARS FOR CASH… Money exchanged for citizen’s welfare (Cars stolen)
KIDS FOR CASH…  Money exchanged for children’s welfare (Imprisonment)
COPS FOR CASH… Money exchanged for WBPD Officer’s welfare (lives at imminent risk)

I have been receiving numerous reports that Leighton is involved with Sherman Hills as a silent partner. Any logical deduction would conclude he has benefitted greatly from this cesspool of crime and murder.

Sherman Hill’s profit when sold?  $7.7 million dollars  96 % profit in 3 years

From Times Leader:  Sherman Hills LLC purchased the 22-acre apartment complex that consists of 344-units in 2011 for nearly $8 million, then sold the complex to Treetop Development earlier this year for $15.7 million.
Also from 12/02/14 Times Leader:  Sherman Hills’ former owners’ IDs protected in wrongful death suit.   Link HERE.
This apparently protects Leighton… for now. Anybody with any cognitive ability would know that a Mayor wouldn’t protect the most dangerous development from inspections… for free! One of the most dangerous complexes in the country.

I am told Leighton, the alleged corrupt city inspector Joe Rodano,  and his nephew Frank Rodano (Rodano’s restaurant) are all joined at the hip. Have you been invited to play poker with the “players” in the back of Rodano’s? Neither have I. 

I misspoke on an earlier post when I estimated Leighton will serve years in prison. I have upgraded my estimate to decades in prison… about enough time to dry out. Racketeering is my hope.

Whitey, I would like you to meet your new cell mate - Thomas Leighton. Play nice. No more murders.