Tuesday, December 30, 2014

WB Magistrate's son charged with DUI

On December 28 Derek Cronaeur (son of WB Magistrate Rick Cronaeur) was charged with a DUI.

However, this recent DUI has silver linings.

A) Many of us our pinching ourselves because a Magistrate's son was actually charged. Alleged alcoholic Magistrate Marty Kane has built a career out of covering up DUI's... he even covered up one for my brother 30 years ago! He has also "taken care" of his son. He has consistently put the community at risk through his corrupt activities. If you ask who is the most corrupt official in the county... Kane is generally listed as one, two, or three,

(by the way,,, this very troubled son is taking aim at his father's position... this is nepotism run amuck and the voters better not be fooled).

A "tip of the hat" to WBPD Chief Hughes and the WBPD for not playing favorites. Given the positive changes taking place... and given what I have been told... it would appear very likely that replacements may not be necessary next year. 

B) To Derek Cronauer. My heart goes out to you because I once felt the humiliation that only alcohol provides. If you are an alcoholic you can gett off "on this floor" without too much damage. If you haven't suffered enough - the elevator goes lower. The choice is always yours.

NEW INFO FROM TIMES LEADER: Derek Cronauer blew a .236. This is insane. Blood alcohol levels go up geometrically and not arithmetically. What does this mean?

4 drinks  =  .01   per cent
11 drinks = .02   per cent
16 drinks = .236 per cent

Passed out at 4 AM? It is incredibly rare that anyone can drink so much that they pass out. Thank God no one was killed.This is easily a situation where this could happen. He was likely in a blackout... the type of drinking where everything is spinning. Or in his case he just passed out. 

As we say in AA... "Derek - you are one of us."

Lastly, Barletta's daughter fled from Toys R Us. I hope the publicity will keep Magistrate Marty Kane from protecting Barletta's daughter as he does for so many.

See Times Leader article Here