Monday, December 8, 2014


Matt Cartwright sent me a picture (Facebook) of he and Marion Munley Cartwright in front of the White House Christmas Tree. The caption said, "Doesn't Marion look beautiful?"

I didn't comment on his wife's appearance... but being the contrarian that I am I said:

"I hope a cop isn't shot at Sherman Hills while you are hob- nobbing. This wasn't what you were elected to do."

So he "unfriended" me on facebook and I then sent him a private message: "Why don't you post on your facebook page: 

'Suck-holes only may post.' You sure dropped Sherman Hills 

in a hurry. My comment wasn't fair?"

No response. You may recall a Sherman Hills committee was put together by the "suits" (Pashinski, Cartwright etc..) and has gone nowhere and done nothing.

Show of hands from WB Police? 
Who agrees with me that your safety is being thrown aside?

And I really, really hope Cartwright isn't protecting Leighton in any way. This could get ugly. It is starting to smell.

If he is running interference for fellow Democrat Leighton...
Cartwright can kiss his career goodbye.