Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Update: Courthouse bullies

If you haven't seen the council video... see it HERE

Watch how rage-a-holic Morelli cuts off Ed Brominski and coddles Brian Swetz

Note to Narcissist: Firing may not be council business. But lawsuits are.

The situation of County managers Swetz/Lawton firing Luzerne County employee Jacob parish can be put to rest very quickly: Eat some "humble pie," admit you acted rashly, and give this 10 year veteran his job back. Easy. Done. End of story. (Scroll down to yesterday's post for details).

Or... we can go the legal route. I don't know if employees can be fired "at will" (on the spot) as of yet - but I can find out.

What I do know is that Parrish was grievously harmed by having his name sullied in the papers, was publicly embarrassed by being fired (while on vacation), and was "thrown under the bus." A civil suit is clearly in order.

In addition, with the very public firing of Parrish and his name being dragged through the mud (again, while on vacation)... his chances of securing a new job are virtually nil. Everyone knows it is near impossible to get a job when it is known that you were fired from the last one. The financial repercussions for Parrish could be severe.

He was thrown "under the bus" to cover for the failed policies and procedures of his boss (Swetz) and the County Manager (Lawton). They even admitted this much.

Mr. Parrish - you mave many friends you have yet to meet. We will support you legally if Lawton/Swetz remain recalcitrant. We will stick by you until resolution. People hate bullies.

Lawton and Swetz... don't make this hard. Just do the right thing.