Thursday, December 11, 2014

To the angels who helped the family in the paper

To everyone who helped the needy family last weekend featured in Times Leader  

We all have the ability to heal... and our healing and that of others may not always fit our time-line. Thank you everyone who helped last weekend. Unconditional giving doesn't come with a guaranteed outcome. That is what makes it unconditional (Duh). “Hallmark endings” are not necessarily immediate.

Look at your lives... when you were in a bad spot and someone helped you... did everything fall into place immediately?.. did you backslide?... only to have prayers answered later? We are on chapter two of a ten chapter book. The book is clearly NOT CLOSED.

ALL OF US CAN BE REST ASSURED that the children were helped immeasurably. They will carry this memory forward and who knows what good that may come out of it. We made a life-time impression. The mom as well. Setback or no set back.

The position she is in is better “in spades” than where she was a week ago. Resources are now available to help her. The publicity given to this situation only aids her as accountability is now present. She is not in a position to hide.

If you are ready to "throw dirt" on the events of this weekend I can only advise you that you may be far too premature. This story clearly has no ending as of yet so please be patient and pray that good will prevail.

This situation brought the very best in some and the ugliest in others.  I call these people jackals. Their evil lurks in the anonymity of the newspaper comments sections and through unidentified texts made to the mom. The jackals were actively rooting for the mother to fail as evidenced by the racist hate-mongering texts. When word spread that there was a set-back they erupted in celebration. On the face of it, these texts were harassment since the number was published specifically to offer help and support. One was bragging about how he got under the mother’s skin on the TL comments section. I hope the mother supplies these numbers to the police or DA so the jackals will be identified.

Some of us spent significant time with the mom. She couldn’t thank people enough and was very gracious and warm. She was genuinely a nice person. The kids were adorable. Then Sunday came and there was a 180 degree change in her disposition. This alarmed many who tried to help her.

Setbacks are not final but temporary. We may all look back in a month and see that it all worked out for the best. People don’t get well on a straight line trajectory. There always curves in the road.

To all the supporters… do not stop giving from the heart because this single person hit a bump in the road. Giving is “food for the soul” regardless of the outcome. Please be encouraged.    Merry Christmas and God bless to all the wonderful people who gave.