Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ahem... Stefanie

Ms. Stefanie Salavantis, you were quoted in the Times Leader as saying, "The city (police) department is the most professional department I have dealt with, and I look forward to continuing to work with all of you.”

Note to Stefanie Salavantis:
The police were raided by the Feds less than a year ago. How professional is that?
LAG and many officers have been intertwined in a horrific scam that have hurt the most vulnerable.
Many police officers (3 for sure; as many as 10) have been using bribe cars from LAG over the years.
The Operations Manager (Bob Hughes) was selling LAG cars on consignment at A1.
All cops were forced to overlook the drug house on McLean Street while Dessoye met up with his "heroin honey."
A 38 year old mom of three died from this heroin house.

Is this what Stefanie Salavantis considers professional? I'd hate to see what she considers unprofessional.

This is not a Miss Congeniality contest, Ms. Salavantis.
Your job is to fight crimes whether or not they make you popular. This includes crimes committed by everyone... cops, mayors, chiefs, and the average citizen.

Two years. The honeymoon is over. The voters want substantial results.

I can't comment on the gentlemen promoted.
What I do know is that Leighton/Dessoye MUST hire kindred spirits to avoid prison.
A truly honest cop would reveal what they know about LAG and how it flourished for 8 years.

As for the most honest cops who likely got passed over... I acknowledge you. You likely were sickened by the "dog and pony show." We the people know who the truly good ones are. Wait two years and you will be richly rewarded. You are not forgotten.