Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fingerprinted today... hooray!!

From the Corruption Diary... I was fingerprinted today... all part of the Drunk-soye intimidation campaign. It is essentially an open house for complaints... so anyone who doesn't like me should consider a trip to the station. Anything you say will be believed.

I was treated well by officers I saw. It is NOT about them (sans a few bad ones) - it's their sneaky and slippery boss.

I guess I am the guinea pig... the lab rat... the "datum" of the experiment. I am in the corruption vacuum. I will report diligently what happens to me because trust me folks - this could be you!!

There have been people bullied, harassed, and intimidated before. But through the medium of my blog - I can keep everyone informed. I know that people in Harrisburg, federal judges, and many others have been following my blog.  

No dirty tricks in the dark. Dessoye and Leighton - your time is numbered.