Sunday, October 27, 2013

Clean it up and forgetta about it

Today's blog comes from Donald Shovlin who articulated well the attack of last Sat night (Sun 2 AM). Leighton claimed to not know what happened as of Thursday of last week.

This case may well be solved... but I also wonder if it is solved through the impetus of bloggers who got the word out. Apparently DPW workers were cleaning up the scene near Leighton's wife shop. And Leighton claims to not know?

Were blood samples taken or was the scene just washed away? Downtown Tommy certainly did not want blood on his hands given his "economic investment" in Pub #1, Pub #2, Pub #3, Pub #4, Pub #5, Pub #6 etc...

One may justify Leighton's "I never heard of the attack" as part of the investigation... but consider he could have:

A)  Said "No Comment"
B)  He could have avoided the paper altogether
      ... Instead he lied.

Answers may well come forth... but once again there are many questions surrounding WB's incredibly corrupt Mayor. 

IF YOU LIVE IN WILKES-BARRE, OR CARE ABOUT SOMEONE WHO DOES, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! At about 2:00 a.m. last Sunday morning a young man by the name of Anthony Gipson had finally finished his shift as a cook at Bart and Urbys bar in downtown Wilkes-Barre. As he was walking home he was accosted by several young men while walking past a bar only a couple of blocks from where he works. The bar where this attack took place is right next door to Barnes and Noble and Boscovs.

Sadly, this young man was beaten to within inches of death, and eyewitness reports from the scene seem to point to the fact that there were numerous individuals who recorded this cowardly event on their cellphones, yet not 1 of these people has yet to come forward with this video that may very well be key to taking these savages off the street. Sharing this video with authorities does not make you a "snitch," it makes you a decent, empathetic human being. If you are holding any of this information man up and DO THE RIGHT THING!

On an even more disturbing note, yesterdays article regarding the attack that appeared in The Times Leader quotes Mayor Tom Leighton as saying that he was unaware of this brutality until THURSDAY MORNING! I, as just an average blue-collar citizen, knew of this attack by Monday afternoon. Please keep in mind that Mayor Leighton is the boss of the whole of the Wilkes-Barre Police Department, yet a non-descript citizen knew of this atrocity 3 DAYS before the Mayor of the city!?!? If this does not qualify as shear and utter ineptitude on behalf of the city leadership, then nothing ever will.

Furthermore, once again, the beloved, (only by city leadership),
Hawkeye camera system, failed us, the taxpayers, and Anthony Gipson miserably. Par for the course, thus far. On behalf of this poor young man I plead with each and every citizen out there to do what needs to be done and put an end to this grossly ineffective regime by whatever means that we have at our disposal, before the next victim is one of YOUR loved ones.