Friday, October 25, 2013

Is Leighton covering up for an attempted murder?

Leighton: Cover-up for attempted murder?

    Don't take my word for it. I will give you the facts and you can decide.

   A) Anthony Gipson (Sunday 2 AM) was almost murdered on South Main St. and has been in a medically induced coma for almost 1 week.

   B) The police did not report it at time of incident. Nothing. They did not publicly (Times Leader) ask for support until Friday! 

   C) The Mayor claims he didn't hear of it until Thursday  
        (Remember, the Mayor is head of police)

        This is the big lie that really got me thinking. Lying when normally you wouldn't have to raises red flags.

   D) Police blotter isn't released until (I believe) Wednesday. 

    E) The shell-shocked/worried-to-death Mother is told by police that "silence" is the best medicine for an investigation of this type (since when is "silence" the prescription for finding an attempted murderer... to forego all public input). 

    F)  There were people on the scene on S Main Street. Many witnesses.

    E)   Paper finally runs story on Friday (due to intentional delay by Leighton/police).

Again... make up your own mind... why keep it "hush-hush" unless you are protecting the perpetrator?

If you are sincerely looking for the perpetrator... then why not publicize like every other type of violent or armed crime? There is a reason they have a show "America's Most Wanted." It works!


She is there to protect Leighton like she has been all along. I don't know of a single private criminal complaint (from a "real" citizen) that she has acted upon. It has been a disgrace.

1) She said she can't file assault charges until the WB police file these same charges. Well... isn't this convenient?

2) So it is up to the WB police. They get to call the shots... and they get to protect the perpetrator. It's been 6 days with many people at the scene. DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY ARE LOOKING?

Remember... the Mayor is in charge of the police.

3) They KNOW exactly who did this... but Stefanie Salavantis has given them an "out." The police get to make the first move. And they likely never will. 

4) The police will act like a bunch of dunderheads in giving this person up. 

LASTLY... apparently the perpetrator is well connected. I did an internet search and found 6 people of this name in WB. I am not yet comfortable revealing the name.

some other comments...

The Friday Times Leader reported that Leighton knew nothing of the savage beating that almost killed 21 year old Anthony Gipson... 5 days after the fact.

"Downtown Tommy" didn't know there was a near murder in front of one of his bars?
The Mayor - the official head of the police - the last to know?
Is he that stupid to think we are that dumb enough to believe him? Apparently.

Prison for him cannot come fast enough!!

1) Leighton was in a 5 day blackout.
2) He knew about the attack and was lying part as part of what could become very serious mischief (sometimes called a cover up).