Monday, October 7, 2013

Needed: People of Courage

Thank you, viewers. WB Truth has enough views to 
fill a stadium (RFK Stadium; former home of Redskins)

The Emperor and his new clothes is a story of vanity, grandeur, pride, and pompous grandiosity. This story befits the Wilkes-Barre “yes men” that are forced to kiss up to Leighton and Dessoye on a daily basis. And who can blame them? To speak up would only reserve their spot in the unemployment line. Thus they have had to fake for years that everything is normal despite the corruption around them.  

-         Seeing Leighton and family steal gas
-         Using police cars as taxis to take Leighton home when Leighton is wasted
-         Taking no action on a drug house because Dessoye has a relationship with the “heroin Madam.”
-         Watching Dessoye and Leighton taking extraordinary measures to protect the LAG Towing scam.

The children's story involves a couple of con artists (think JJ Murphy) that tell the emperor that they can make him a suit of clothing (corruption) that only a select few can see. The people around him can't see the clothes but don't want to admit it. Nobody will tell the emperor that the clothes don't exist until during a parade a child looks up and sees the emperor has no clothes and says it out loud because the child is not afraid of what others will think of him for saying it.  

Once it is said out loud then others, including the emperor, acknowledge the truth.

Unfortunately... this is only a story.