Thursday, December 26, 2013


DA Salavantis. It is time. Either prosecute Gas Gate on behalf of the honest citizens or leave your position. We have approximately 200 signatures on a petition regarding the horrendous handling of GAS GATE. These will be published and/or sent to the right individuals. but I speak for many when I say:

DA Stefanie Salavantis...  Prosecute those who stole gas or RESIGN.

You can resign with honor if you do an honest appraisal. It truly would be the right thing to do... for everybody. You were never ready for this job. Choose a an honorable replacement and leave with dignity. In this way you could hold your head high. Respect would be yours.

Thank you Dan Emplit for a nice piece on this subject:


1) YOU LIED TO US DURING YOUR CAMPAIGN. How so? Because you ran for an office you had no business running for. Where is the lie? The lies are spread out among all the busy people who rightly assumed you should be qualified if you are going to run. You can't expect a plumber, a janitor, or a grocer to do viable research on their own as to your qualifications.

2) YOU LIED TO US AGAIN    You painted Sally Musto Carroll to be part of the Kids for Cash scam. Your ads cast a very dark picture of her. As if she was the devil.

Now this is fine if what you say is true and your feelings are valid. But then you offer her a job in the solicitor's office? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Aren't we then to assume that your campaign was nothing but a pack of lies?

3) MEETING with LEIGHTON in private room in Kingston    More than one person has seen you with Leighton at a private room at Mike's restaurant in Kingston. This is not appropriate given your supposed criminal probe. This is a slap in the face to honest citizens. This is sneaky, non transparent, and smells to high heaven.

4) You hired Mike Dessoye   As head Detective, this stifled any chance for there to be any County investigation of his miscreant brother (Gerrard Dessoye WB police chief). What were you thinking?

5) BACK LOG     There is a massive back log in the court systems because YOU are supposed to be prosecuting cases and you aren't.

6) FIGURE HEAD     You are paid $160,000 annually and you act essentially as a figure head. This is a colossal waste of taxpayer money.

7) THE COPS play you like a fiddle    Gas Gate, Cars for Cash, bribe cars, kickbacks, a federal investigation... and you have the nerve to tell the paper how much you respect the cops? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There is a federal grand jury meeting regarding their activities and you find them wonderful?

8)  NO PROSECUTION OF ANY CORRUPT OFFICIAL    None. Go on facebook and it is littered with anti corruption groups. You have let the people down in the biggest way.

9)  THE ONLY OFFICIAL you went after was Walter Griffiths. Of course this was nothing but low hanging fruit. But then again... so is Leighton and Gas gate. But you won't touch him. Make no mistake... the only official that you took on (Griffiths) was one of the most honest, anti corruption officials we had. This was indicative of where you placed your stake in the ground.

10) YOU THUMB your nose at the average citizen    Upset citizens have filed literally hundreds of private criminal complaints. Where do they end up? The trash. Yet you will accept any police report from any corrupt cop... regardless of how ill their motives are... or whether the miscreant Dessoye put them up to it.

HOW TO FILE CHARGES AGAINST AN ACTIVIST: Tell a WB cop anything you want. Make sure it is a misdemeanor or a felony. They will actually guide you through this process. Cops are ready to answer your call right now!!

They are "MD's" at doctoring reports. They won't check for the truth. They will take your word... no matter how mentally ill you are. This will get fast tracked to a trial through a "toss to a cop" Magistrate. What you report need not be true. You can be assured that Salavantis will ignore any letters on the activist's behalf. She has been steamrolled and rendered useless.

The only problem is you may eventually run into a jury who likely will not be corrupt. When you lose prepare to be sued! You owe the other side legal fees and damages for your ruse. And the cops for lack of due diligence and due process and negligence. And corruption.