Tuesday, December 3, 2013

WHO AM I? The Bottom of WB's "finest"


I have a few self gratuitous programs in place as described by many citizens...

"Ticket or Lick it"  When I ticket a pretty young Lassie, I have been known to ticket her or to offer (you know...).

"Sugar Shake down"    When I find a fine, sweet, boot-a-licious lady of the evening... I like to remain flexible with my "handling" of the case.

I try and stay away from those who have entertained G Dessoye

I once threatened to cuff a lady and drag her across the floor of the old folks home where she was living (over a scam she fell for which cost a credit union some money).

I have also been seen with the manager of said credit union on many occasions.

I was outside LAG Towing one day as Meyers High School was getting out. To say I leered at the girls is an understatement. My eyes hung on them for such a time that my sockets might has well be placed on coat hangers. I embarrassed those around me.

I am a member of the LAG Bribe-A-Car club. I was fitted with a Mercedes Benz that I would arrogantly park in front of the police station. Can't touch me!