Saturday, December 14, 2013

JJ Murphy - A Leopard doesn't change its spots

In the opinion of many, JJ Murphy is serving as an embarrasment to those who serve the country honorably. The word on the street is he is playing his "military card" in order to manipulate a law to his favor. The feeling is that the law was set up to help actual victims - not scammers like Murphy.

Andrew Staub, formerly of Citizen's Voice, wrote the article below about JJ Murphy (Harrisburg paper).  Murphy is the former City Administrator for Wilkes-Barre.

I communicated with JJ Murphy in 2011. He told me there was nothing illegal with the city contracted tower LAG Towing. Since that time LAG lost its contract and is under a federal and county investigation. Murphy lied to me as part of the Leighton/Dessoye/Glodzik corruption chain. 

Of note:
1) See how his brother (Congressman Patrick Murphy) tried to peddle influence
2) See how Radnor Township felt he was embellishing his performance in W-B (Ya think?)

Read this article regarding the $300 per hour fee that Murphy collected for "consulting"

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