Friday, December 20, 2013

Some good and some bad...

16 years ago two miracles were born. twin boys. I would not meet them until 9 months later (“Gotcha day;” adoption day). I am proud to be the father of two phenomenal boys. Happy Birthday!!

Serious prayer request:

Anthony Gipson (young man assaulted in WB) must go to Philly for a tracheotomy (hole in the throat to breathe). Apparently his throat did not “take” to the breathing tube he had as a result of the medical coma he was in for a week. The bill from Geisinger? $400,000

Anthony’s brother was the victim of a hit and run while Anthony was in the hospital. He suffered a compound fracture of the leg. He needs to have more surgery to replace the rod that was previously inserted.

Pray for this family… even a simple request for “help” will do. The simplest prayer.