Thursday, December 5, 2013

Taxpayer's response to JJ Murphy law suit

On behalf of the Wilkes-Barre Taxpayer Association, we submit the following to Radnor Township who is being sued by JJ Murphy.

Dear Radnor Township:

     Many of the following issues and scandals in Wilkes-Barre began during the time JJ Murphy was City Manager. We support your decision to NOT hire Murphy and regard this law suit beyond frivolous to the point of being ridiculous. Unfortunately Wilkes-Barre has officials who include themselves as part of the "corrupt elite" and are shocked when life actually treats them fairly. Entitlement doesn't begin to describe it. Please contact us through this blog if we can assist you.

In fact, seven of us have agreed to testify for Radnor Township because we don't feel the "race card" or the "military card" should be used to exploit jobs where the candidates show low moral character. You have contact numbers through e mail and voice mail. WE WILL HELP IF ASKED.

Warning to Leighton: If you think you are going to "whore" the city out of money through "pays to plays" and other schemes - and then take off... think again. Through the internet, we will be on you like "white on rice." There will be nowhere to hide.

 Gas gate
 How WB cops are promoted 
$ 4.6  M for non functional camera system.    
Spending run amuck 
 Gifts/bribes from city contracted towing company   
 1/2 M OWED LAG Towing sets record 
 Sweetheart Prop dealsMayor provides gifts for towers 
 LAG Towing goes for the FBI bait cash 
Towing Company auto theft ring 
 Protected Drug House
 Police chief's "heroin honey"
 Biggest Civil Rights lawsuit in NEPA annals 
No Justice No Peace 
Police withhold crime on reports  
7 MURDERS IN 7 MONTHS  Crime rampant
JJ Murphy and friends 
Senta Boyer - just one victim saved 
 Who is involved
 City Conspirators 
 The King's Shuttle

 Some WB Cops are diamonds in the rough
Crony contractor 
 MILLION DOLLAR MYSTERYCan a Mayor hide $1 Million? 
 CORRUPTIONSee Corruption scorecard at 

Million Dollars
Theme song

Mysteriously appears


This law suit is so outrageous... I am repeating a blog from Wake Up Wilkes-Barre...


Wake up Wilkes Barre

Top 10 Reasons J.J. didn’t get hired

For those of you who don’t know, our former city administrator, ($300 per hr. do NOTHING consultant) J.J. murphy, is suing a suburban Philadelphia township, for NOT hiring him.

WOW: Imagine suing everyone who didn't hire you! We at Wake Up Wilkes Barre wondered why, Radnor Township passed on poor J.J., and this is what we found.

Top 10 reasons J.J. didn't get the job!

  • 10. The board members couldn't be bought.
  • 9. They saw past King Lie-A-Ton’s embellished recommendation letter.
  • 8. They spoke to any lifelong resident of Wilkes Barre as a character reference for J.J. 
  • 7. They could smell a weasel a mile away
  • 5. They couldn't afford $300 per hr. for a do nothing consultant.
  • 4. Then-U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy (D., Pa.), called one board member before John Murphy's interview, they asked, he told!
  • 3. They read Wake Up Wilkes Barre.
  • 2. Hawkeye (enough said)!!!
  • And the # 1. Reason:  They found out the truth about you J.J. 

In its response, Radnor Township denies any violations of federal law occurred. The township says Murphy was in the “second tier” of candidates and not deemed qualified for a second interview.

  • IMAGINE, J.J. “not deemed qualified”, we’ve know that for years. 

The township alleges that board members felt Murphy might have embellished his record in Wilkes-Barre. It also argues that when Murphy's brother, then-U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy (D., Pa.), called one board member before John Murphy's interview, it left some members with a negative impression.

  • J.J.” embellished his record in Wilkes-Barre”, so, I wonder if he told them Hawkeye actually worked?
Newsflash for you J.J. your a lying weasel who sucks the taxpayers dry, and honest folks can smell that bull a mile away.

Wake Up Wilkes Barre