Sunday, December 8, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Head of County Detectives Mike Dessoye

WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SAY ANYTHING? This was the chronic refrain spoken after the "Kids for Cash" scandal was revealed. It is mind blowing to consider all those who could have stepped forward but didn't.

WHY DOESN'T ANYONE SAY ANYTHING NOW?  Yes... now! This question needs to be asked in the present! Rampant corruption exists within our county and people's lips are sealed. Some of the issues are cited below. It is real and must be revealed. Do your part. Expose! Expose! Expose!

What ensues is a mock interview with the Luzerne County Detective Mike Dessoye. I bring up issues I would love answers on but know I will never get. Since this is not a real interview, I have the character of Mike Dessoye provide answers that may be far more candid than he may ever give. Hope you enjoy!!

ME: Have you heard of the documentary that is in theatres regarding "Kids for Cash?
Mike Dessoye: Yes I have.
ME: As Chief of Detectives, you above almost anyone, would be privy to rumors of corruption, correct?
Mike Dessoye: That would be correct.

ME: So you, like many others, knew about "Kids for Cash" and said nothing, right?
Mike Dessoye: That would be correct.
ME:  Why?
Mike Dessoye: Because my loyalties lie to the powers that be. Kids don't pay my $110,000 salary... a corrupt courthouse infrastructure does.

ME: Wow. Well at least you are being honest.
Mike Dessoye: Thank you
ME: So it is safe to assume you knew about the LAG auto theft/ kickback / bribe ring.
Mike Dessoye: That would be correct.

ME: Why didn't you step in?
Mike Dessoye: Because my brother, Gerard, is the police chief. I am not going to rat out my brother.
ME: True... but it wouldn't have to go that far. You could have put pressure in the right places without "ratting out" your brother, right?
Mike Dessoye: I suppose so. But again, like the children of "Kids for Cash," LAG victims don't pay my salary. The corrupt infrastructure that holds everything together does.

ME: So you also had to have information on...
- Gas Gate
- the bribe cars Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing) lent out
- the heroin house that was protected by your brother
- the drug and/or sexual affair that your brother Gerard had with the "heroin honey"
- The young mom that died from drugs obtained from this house
- The universal and unchallenged knowledge that both Leighton and your brother have serious substance abuse issues.
Mike Dessoye: Yep. Know all about it. All too well.

ME:  Do you think there is a conflict of interest between being the overseer of the police while your brother is Chief?
Mike Dessoye: In a polyanish world yes. But I don't live in that world... or one that is even remotely fair. Blame it on Salavantis. She hired me and knew many of these issues herself. In fact, she even communicated with you that she read what you had reported about LAG. Isn't that true?
ME: Yes. She had knowledge of it. She sent me an e mail saying she found it "interesting."
Mike Dessoye: I suppose you could call me an opportunity seeker... or perhaps an opportunity taker. Salavantis has been a pushover... and I have taken full advantage of this. Frankly, our system of justice is a mess... but I will soon retire.

ME: Even with all this... don't you think it would have been appropriate for you to "recuse" yourself from all city police issues and assign an objective and unbiased task force?
Mike Dessoye: Of course. But if nobody holds me accountable - why bother? I thrive on the power. 

ME: Does it ever weigh on your conscience that you could have attempeted to stop so much corruption - even "Kids for Cash" - but did nothing?
Mike Dessoye: All I can tell you is that when you are untouchable for so long as I have been it goes to your head. You begin to think you are a God... but not a benign one. Others' issues really don't matter. What I care about is the near $1/4 million that my brother and I take in annually. If you want an maudlin answer you are not going to get it. The bottom line is corruption has treated me very well.