Thursday, September 4, 2014


ATTN: Gerard Dessoye
FROM: Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers Association
REQUEST: Please contact Frank Sorick regarding request below

Members of the Wilkes-Barre Taxpayers association wish to be fair. As such, we would like to allow WB Chief Gerard Dessoye the opportunity to exonerate himself against all allegations he deems to be untrue. We hope to address these issues (discussed fully below):  Alcohol abuse / Protected drug house / LAG / Loaner cars / Information on crimes he is withholding

A member (Mark Robbins) of the WBTPA was put in this position three years ago. He wished to expose LAG Towing as corrupt, but knew that police would likely lie about about what happened on June 1, 2011.

He felt that lies would discredit him and make it impossible to gain traction on an investigation. So he took a polygraph test regarding the main issues of the incident (where his steering was ruined). He literally waited a month until the test was done before coming forward. Mr. Robbins now knows that polygraph tests carry great weight. Since passing, no one has EVER questioned him about the day he was screamed and swore at by 3 cops at LAG Towing. Andrew Staub (Citizens Voice) became an integral investigative reporter.

We ask that Gerard Dessoye take a polygraph test from a reputable company at WBTPA expense. Any parts that he passes we will no longer associate with him. We ask that he take advantage of this opportunity. Dessoye has used words such as defamation and cyber-bullying towards this blog. We don't believe there has been ANY defamation whatsoever. We couldn't be more fair than to pay for his chance to clear his name.

The test usually consists of 4 or 5  parts and must be phrased in a certain way. We will let the test administrator deal with that. Here are the areas we would like Dessoye tested on:

1)   Do you consider your self to be an alcoholic or a problem drinker?
2)   In the last six years did you engage with and/or protect Catherine Meehan as she ran a drug house on McLean Street where one woman died as a result of drugs from that house?
3)   In regards to LAG Towing, have you aided, abetted, enabled, and/or simply looked the other way in regards to LAG's corrupt activity.
4)   Were you aware that LAG was loaning and/or or bribing cops with vehicles owned by LAG? (an example would be the Dodge Ram that John Majikes parked just feet from where you park. He had illegal tags)
5)   As an officer of the law, have you witnessed any felonies or crimes that you failed to report?

If you pass – like Robbins did below – members of the WBTPA promise to never intervene or comment on any of your actions.

(Below) Illegal tags from Dodge Ram parked near Dessoye (and other cops) for two years
Some say this car was the one WB Cop Ninotti used for a loan.
This is consistent with the length of time (a month) it took for Majikes to buy the car from LAG. We couldn't understand the hold up... now it makes sense. 

If the above (in black) is true, Robbins could rightfully be credited with exposing FOUR SCANDALS:
(1) LAG TOWING (Cars for Cash) 

Robbins has done all of his investigative work at his own expense and has also helped victims out along the way.

- He has bought four "new" used cars for victimized families.
- He has also paid taxes and heat for others as he knows that many
people in WB struggle and aren't connected to the "corrupt elite."

(below) Parked just feet away from where Dessoye parks

(Below) Robbins' polygraph test results