Friday, November 21, 2014

Was the "Leighton Lover" letter a hoax?

Approximately 10 people have approached me and asked if the "Leighton lover" post (yesterday's post) was a hoax. It may have been. Especially the part that says, "I think I will send Leighton a check... I think you should too." 

If it was either a hoax or a glimpse into someone's grotesque ideology. This is a frightening possibility when one considers the amazing number of people who were profoundly hurt during Leighton's term.

I wish I could take each and everyone of you into the tiny homes of the poor single moms who were sobbing because their cars were price gouged/stolen by LAG Towing and whose calls to Gerard Dessoye and Mayor Leighton went unanswered. They had no place to go and weren't "important enough" to be heard. It is sad beyond words that anyone would be treated in this matter. 



Think how important a car (anything that runs) is to a poor single mom with kids. Having their cars stolen serves nothing less than throwing them into an economic death spiral.

I pray that the person who wrote this pro-Leighton letter (if in fact it wasn't a hoax) never suffers the indignities and injustices and  the cruelty that Leighton and Dessoye let play out under their noses. One of the symptoms of alcoholism is the destruction of one's moral compass which can lead to cruel behavior that is truly beyond words. 

PS  I suppose the lallygagging at Sherman Hills is convenient when you (and you know who you are) aren't the ones responding to calls from there. One officer was already shot in the foot. Are we waiting for a fugitive with better aim? This is a ticking time bomb and I would like to know the reason why Leighton ignored this development for years. 

How bad was it?  A metal stair case collapsed. I never in my life have heard of such a thing.

If it is legitimately found out that Leighton took no "pay offs" from Sherman Hills ownership... then I will "eat my hat" on public square.