Thursday, November 27, 2014


My prayers go out to the WBPD officer diagnosed with stomach cancer. I am sworn to secrecy to not reveal the name... but obviously some of you know. You will be prayed for with a group of my friends every night. Get well my friend. I have heard good things about you.

What am I thankful for? (... as far as WBPD)

- I am thankful that no one (besides the officer shot in the ankle) has been injured responding to Sherman Hills calls and the "outsiders" (North Jersey/Bronx/Philly etc.)

- I am thankful that you (WBPD) are not under the thumb of the old chemically impaired chief. It is the fact that the force was under the leadership of this man that has me trying to see the WBPD in a new light. Whatever an alcoholic leads falls apart... whether it be his family, the people he is supervising... even his own life. You learn these things when attending about 2,000 AA meetings in one's life like I have (about 30 years).

- I am thankful that it appears the new WBPD chief Hughes has adopted a "servant" mentality (as in "protect and serve"). Using the most recent example of the CVS/Family Dollar shooting (suspect's first name was "BonG"), the reporting of the storty was fully transparent with everyone being named. This was a welcome change. 

Moving forward   Given new leadership and the positive feedback I am getting... I do not feel the need to "clobber" anyone based on past exploits. It is time to turn the page. However, issues may come up from the past regarding Leighton and what went on under his nose. I will have to bring up "the past" here as part of the "corruption cluster" but I will try and leave names out. 

Until Leighton does a "180" with his life... light will be necessary.

ADVOCATE     I plan to keep the pressure on inspections/audits of Sherman Hills. You deseve this. I find it abhorrent how Leighton and Pashinski etc...  dawdle with this responibility. It is unacceptable. Sadly, their lack of effort shows what they truly think of the WBPD.

You folks know and I know that any WBPD officer could lose his life if he corners a fugitive with little to lose. You have enough to worry about with Wilkes-barre without having to worry about the overflow of Bronx heroin dealers. 

Stay safe. Be well.