Monday, November 3, 2014

Title deleted out of respect

Ask yourself a simple question: If you are a police officer, fireman, or just a resident/friend of Sherman Hills - would you rather have Betsy Summers backing you or Pashinski? Who is on the board at Sherman Hills? Pashinski. Are you safer?

Next meeting? December. I suppose anyone killed in between now and then is expendable. No rush. Does the month-after-month dawdling give you the impression that someone is being protected?

If a public figure aids/abets/covers the corruption of another – then they are corrupt. This, in my opinion, is one form of corruption.

From Times Leader: “Asked about efforts to resolve crime at the Sherman Hills housing complex, Pashinski appeared aloof. (Pashinski sits on the Sherman Hills Task Force.) He told us dismissively that his ability to do anything is limited: ‘I’m really frustrated with it, because really it’s in the hands of HUD.’”

From Times Leader:  “Sherman Hills is ground zero for violent crime in our community. Pashinski ought to be more concerned and vocal about it.

Does it seem to you that blame is being shifted? Exculpating the alcoholic Mayor and former chief Dessoye? Might either of these two received kickbacks in return for effectively ordering no inspections on 344 units? For 10 years? A metal stair case collapsed! How bad are conditions when a metal stair case collapses?

If I am heading in the wrong direction. – then you tell me why there were effectively no inspections, for a decade, at the most dangerous place in Wilkes-Barre? There is simply no good answer other than kickbacks.

Pashinski? It’s all HUD’s fault. Well Eddie… why did you sit on your hands for 8 years? You wait 8 years to act?

Local people have seen this before. We are not dumb. When there’s no logical explanation – then there’s corruption.

Also from Times Leader:
… “Summers says she’ll tirelessly advocate property tax reform…  And that’s where Pashinski loses our support.”
… “Pashinski has become a career politician during his eight-year tenure in Harrisburg.”
… “Pashinski played the stereotypical blame game in dumping all of our region’s problems on Gov. Tom Corbett.
… “We asked Pashinski why he hadn’t done more to close those corporate loopholes. His answer stunned – and saddened – us: “As a Democrat, I’ve stopped introducing stuff.”

… “Pashinski’s websites apparently haven’t been updated in some time.”

… “Instead of communicating only the important issues in a recent newsletter, we’re treated to a photo of Pashinski playing the piano.

 “While Pashinski, 69, also a city resident, sounds like every other beaten-down Democrat, Summers exudes energy that she would channel toward accomplishing good for her district.”

… “Summers is the everyman’s woman. And she’s our choice to unseat a seemingly disengaged Pashinski.

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