Sunday, September 20, 2015

Citizens Voice exposes the many lies of the DA... cops thrown under the bus

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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Police "write-ups" are not the same as appearing in court. They bear no legal standing to having a case thrown out. Salavantis is lying (again).

1) Sanguedolce and Slavantis abused the "dissaproval" process.
2) They thought they could work in silence while handing out goodies (dismissals) to "friends and family" as political gifts.
3) They never thought someone would do a RTK request on the 189 disapproved cases. Completely shocked them.
4) They are lying and blaming cops for not showing at non-critical meetings (a write-up).
5) Yet... they don't cite this as the reason in the dismissals. This proves it is all one big lie.

WHO IS BELIEVING THIS? SANGEDOLCE SAID HE DID NOT KNOW HIS PARTNER WAS INVOLVED?  There were in fact two partners involved. (Todd Johns and Bruce Phillips)

Sanguedolce said he did not know that at the time he disapproved the case because the officer did not show for the write-up, which meant he did not look into the file. Had he known Phillips was involved, he would have given the case to another prosecutor to disapprove, he said.

I WARNED YOU THEY WOULD TRY AND THROW THE COPS UNDER THE BUS.    They said they had little choice but to drop charges, however, after officers repeatedly failed to show up for the “write-up” session — a procedure in Luzerne County following the preliminary hearing at which a officer meets with an assistant district attorney to review the case.  

Using write-up sessions to throw out cases is reckless and it is a lie from the devil's mouth. DUI's need the LEAST prepation because you have science (BAC) as a witness. This is all a lie.

It is abvious that Salavantis is lying because if the "write-up" sessions we working so poorly - you would change the system.

The DA office is acting worse than many prisoners. They are a disgrace!!

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