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Some whiney babies don't like the truth spoken about W-B Mayoral Candidate Tony George. I received the usual threat from Joe W (he threatens when he is drunk). Too bad. The goal is to find the best person for the job... to find who is best for the residents of Wilke-Barre.

Let's examine some topics and ask your self... is this Mayor material?

1) Same old... same old   MAJOR LIES    Tony George had a clear agreement with Frank Sorick that there would be no "pay-to-play" dinners. TONY GEORGE broke his word like it never existed. Just the truth, folks. HE LIED. BIG TIME.

2) Same old... same old   SELLING CONTRACTS    The "Pay to Play" dinners ($250) were opportunities for contactors to buy influence. I guess Tony George thought he wouldn't be called out on it. Well you are, Tony. Why should Wilkes-Barre elect a man who can't even keep his first promise?

3) Same old... same old   CONNECTIONS   Tony George gets a security job at W-B Vo-tech through connections (former Mayor). Connections are cronyism and are part of corruption and something we don't need.

4) Same old... same old     DO-NOTHING JOB   Tony George collects a handsome salary for a decade long job that, let's face it, a sloth could do. This is no preparation for a Mayor.

5) Same old... same old     STACKING PENSIONS    From the Bill Barrett paybook, Tony George collects pensions along his travels. More money the city has to pay.

6) Same old... same old     ILLEGAL CAMPAIGN REPORTS    Tony George made a mess of his campaign reports... so much so he had to hire high priced Philadelphia attorneys. Does this make anyone comfortable? We have had to spend a decade with Rosen, Kenkins, and Greenwald on speed dial for Leighton's corruption. We need competent and honest people so the city stops hemorhaging money on attorneys. 

7) Same old... same old     INCOMPETENCE    Tony George has 
 butchered his campaign reports and has already said he may ask the colleges for help with finances etc...  Why would we hire someone that can't do the job essentials? Why don't we hire someome competent - Frank Sorick!!

8) Same old... same old     PANDERING    Tony George has all but promised city hall will remain the same. THEN WHY THE HECK ARE WE ARE HIRING HIM?

THE LIE FROM PIT OF HELL is that Frank Sorick will clean out city hall. This is nonsensical. Frank will look to remove some slackers but has relationships with many in city hall who will absolutely still have jobs based on merits and experience.

9) Same old... same old     IT WON'T GET BETTER     As one can read from the letter below, Tony George as police chief did not have full support from the officers, the public, or even the City Council.

10) Same old... same old      THIS JOB HAS PASSED HIM BY.




By STEVE MOCARSKY smocarsky@leader.net

Monday, February 10, 2003     Page: 3A

WILKES-BARRE - City Police Chief Tony George on Sunday denied that he told officers not to make many arrests in downtown Wilkes-Barre. 

    Downtown residents Steve and Mary Saive said last week that officers told them ``off the record'' that they were ordered not to make many arrests to save on paperwork. 

    George said those remarks are either ``fabricated'' or officers just didn't want to make arrests, because they were ``protecting'' someone such as a friend or family member of theirs, or of a council member, who was patronizing a prostitute. 

    The chief also suggested that officers whom he disciplined might have made such statements in retaliation. 

    ``There were several officers disciplined in the last year. I'm not well liked in the department, but I work for the citizens of the city. (Some officers) make $50,000, $60,000 now, but don't think they have to earn their money. They have to do their jobs, maybe that's why they're upset,'' George said. 

    George also said there was ``no way'' his captains would give orders not to make arrests. 

    The Saives, who own an apartment building on West Ross Street, are circulating a petition seeking state help patrolling downtown. They have told City Council in recent weeks that officers rarely respond to prostitution and drug-dealing calls in a timely fashion and rarely make an arrest when they do show up. 

    Councilwoman Kathy Kane and Council President Mike McGinley have said they support the petition.      George said he received a letter from McGinley about two weeks ago asking about orders not to make arrests. 

    The chief said he responded that there are reports on every incident and officers are required to make an arrest if evidence supports one. He said he requested from council the names of officers who said they were given such orders so he could investigate, but he received no response. 

    Neither Kane nor McGinley could be reached Sunday for comment. However, Kane had said officers are afraid to speak out because of retaliation from Mayor Tom McGroarty. 

    McGroarty said he doesn't want ``to get down in the sewers'' with someone who would make an ``undignified'' comment like that that may be ``politically motivated.'' 
    McGroarty noted recent prostitution stings city police conducted with state police netted only one arrest. ``Would the state police not make arrests because of paperwork?'' McGroarty said. 

    The mayor also said officers' supposed remarks to the Saives don't make sense. He said arresting officers are the ones who do the paperwork, not supervisors or the chief, so they would have no reason to give such orders. 
    Steve Saive said he doesn't blame the police. ``They try to balance their priorities. They say, `We could take them in, but if something more serious happens in this block, you have to fend for themselves until someone can get here.' '' 

    Mary Saive said officers told her they were tired of arresting prostitutes ``and seeing them the next day because the magistrate would let them go.'' 

    McGroarty said if a police officer didn't make an arrest when warranted, the complainant should report the officer to the chief and the officer should be given the opportunity to correct his behavior. 

    Mary Saive said McGroarty was ``putting a happy face on a problem that's been here for a long time.'' 
    George also defended the department's downtown crime-fighting and crime-prevention efforts. He said an officer on horseback and an anti-crime unit car patrol the area regularly in addition to an area patrol car. He said crime has significantly decreased there during the last few years and four prostitutes were arrested in the past month. 

    But the Saives still think police aren't doing enough. 
    Mary Saive said police should arrest on suspicion of drunken driving a ``john'' who picks up a prostitute in his car when police stop to talk to the driver and smell alcohol on his breath. She said officers tell her they can't unless they have probable cause for a DUI stop. 

    George said officers must operate by the rules of criminal procedure. He added that police can't arrest a known prostitute just for walking down the street. 
    ``This isn't a police state, which I guess those people on South Franklin Street want,'' George said. 
    George confirmed that police do know many prostitutes by name. But that's because they arrested the prostitutes numerous times, not because they're friends with them. 
    George said police tell people they see loitering to move along. If police see the person loitering again, the person can be cited for defiant trespass. 
    But police can't arrest someone for loitering on the word of a citizen unless the complainant is willing to testify, George said. ``Usually, they don't want to get involved. That leaves our hands tied.'' 

Read more: http://archive.timesleader.com/2003/2003_03/2003_02_10_W_B_FACES_ARRESTING_VERBAL_WAR_POLICE_CHIEF_SAYS_THERE_S_NO_TRUT.html#ixzz3nC1dmbQN