Sunday, September 20, 2015

SALAVANTIS TO COPS: “It’s pretty much disgraceful they are not showing up for write-ups.”

As I said last week... Salavantis was ready to throw police officers "under the bus" to protect her politial aspirations.... hopes... no, they are far away dreams at this point.

Her supporters at this point are:

1) The attorneys that have worked out a "corrupt angle" with her (former Conahan/Civiarella bud Peter Paul O-- has taken a liking to her... of course he also sang the praises of former WBPD Gerard Dessoye when Fatherless Ryan of King's rigged a job for him... it is also interesting how the murder case of Becca McCallick is frozen in perpetuity. Olzewski represents the guy her ran her over as he came back from a strip joint).

2) The sycophanats like Sanguedolce who want job security.

Sanguedolce had the chutzpah to pretend (in Citizen's Voice) that he didn't know that not one, but two lawyer buddies of his were on a DUI that he dismissed (no reason given). Takes guts/sociopathy to lie like that in public.

And lastly... Stefanie (Citizen's Voice) used the number of 24 to refer to the number of cases tossed out. I won't argue here... I will just  show you all of the 189 cases that were tossed.