Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why does 1st Assistant DA Sam Sanguedolce still have a job?


Stefanie Salavantis... why isn't this man fired?

He dismissed a DUI case from his PARTNER'S LAW FIRM. 
This person then had a second DUI. What will it take Stefie?

... and there are many more he dismissed. Again... what will it take Stefie?  

... and should he be in the DA Office at all? See article below.
It is arrogant punks like Sanguedolce that thinks rules don't apply to him. Sending drunks on the road is a hazard to everyone. Ask the Miller family whose little boy was mowed down.

Kevin Miller; killed in W-B DUI

He can't deny it... the proof is out there... the horse has left the barn.

Criminal Defense Lawyers Cannot Work Part-Time as District Attorneys

, The Legal Intelligencer

Sam Stretton
Samuel C. Stretton

Criminal defense lawyers cannot 
work part-time as district attorneys.

Can a lawyer who has a criminal defense practice serve as an assistant district attorney in a county?
Obviously, a lawyer who is an assistant district attorney on a part-time basis cannot have a criminal practice in the same county. If the lawyer is part-time and works for a law firm, that would also conflict out the partners in the law firm. Perhaps there can be some screening.

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