Thursday, September 10, 2015

More dreadful corruption from DA


Approximately 35-40 DUI's dismissed by Sanguedolce/Salavantis and 189 cases overall.

.206%... Admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana.

.268%... Speeding and crossing center line. Worked at 
an ambulance company in Dunmore.
179%... Hit and run

.250%... Guy peed in his pants

.252 %... Here's a guy that almost hit the cop. I wonder how the cop feels about this being tossed?

… Another one went up on the sidewalk and hit a bridge.

The DA office has served as a “goodie bag” for friends and family of the DA office. The Court house remains a cesspool of corruption.

How is opposition to the DA treated? 
We have a very recent case in point. Judicial misconduct recently occurred on the second floor of the court house.

While “friends and family” go free... a citizen activist was treated like an 50's activist during the Jim Crow era. Despite this citizen having a clean record for his lifetime… this person was threatened by the Judge that he would receive a maximimum sentence of 90 days in jail if found guilty of a Summary Offense.

That is right… the threat was made that a maximum sentence would be imposed for someone with a clean record. This person was forced into a guilty plea or to risk 90 days. This threat was imposed before any hearing or testimony.

President Judge Richard Hughes has been made aware of the misconduct. I asked that he stepup to the plate but I back down from this position as he (I believe) is to oversee Magistrates and not Court of Common Pleas judges. However I am glad that I was able to express my grave concerns to him as he he needs to know what is going on regardless. Light is always the best disinfectant.

There were be much more light!