Monday, December 7, 2015

PSP caught in cover-up; Is Salavantis highest paid public employee in state?

SALAVANTIS: State's highest paid employee? AG Kathy Kane makes $158,000. Salavantis' salary is almost $ 1/4 million per year ($238,000) if you include benefits. Since Governor Wolf declines a salary, Salavantis is likely the highest paid employee in the state... and she won't prosecute a case, remains woefully unqualified, and has engaged in and been a party to major acts of corruption. 

Chicago recently found out that there was a cover up in the case of a teen being shot 16 times. The police completely lied. Here are some facts from several super reliable sources regarding a major cover up here: 

(1) Salavantis was driving drunk 4 years ago and hit a pole with fellow drunk Sanguedolce (1st Asst DA). 

(2) The State Police covered it up. This was a dedicated effort in that the incident became known only slowly over time. 
(3) The State Police also took a decidedly political posture in covering it up weeks before an election. THIS IS COMPLETELY INTOLERABLE for the local PSP whom I refer to as the "klan" because they are just as "white" as the Klan.

(4) One must entertain the possibility that a major bribe was given to induce the PSP to hide what happened and cause them to jettison all remnants of their integrity. 

AG Kathy Kane and 2012 PSP Commissioner Noonan 
Noonan hails from Mountaintop. He has strong ties to the Dessoyes. 
Kane was elected after the incident.

Former Republican Governor Corbett

Captain James E Degnan  Local Troop P in Wyoming

This is what the PSP puts out. What a sad joke.

Camp Cadet Board Members

Carmen Ambrosino
John L. Augustine III
Hon. David Barilla
Dennis Bonvie
Elaine Cook, Esq.
Ace Dubaskas
Tim Evans
Joe Francis
Don Jacobs
Jim Kozemchak
Kevin McGroarty
George Morgan Jr.
Thomas R. Nardone 
Christopher Patte
Joseph Shaver

Why are their 15 board members (all Caucasian of course)? ... for a kids camp? There is an inherent conflict of interest here. Does the police have private board members? How about the FBI? Like all board members... there is embedded influence and favoritism here. Law enforcement should not have private board members.

Does anyone believe that any of these members would ever be charged with a DUI? Of course not. Based on the Salavantis incident... Captain James Degnan needs to fired and charges need to be brought against Corbett and Noonan if they were part of the cover-up (obstruction of justice).

(5) Salavantis also had the private firm of Phillips and Rogers interview Assistant DA's when she was elected. Yes... a private firm interviewed prosecutors. 

(6) Attorney John Rogers name (Northeast Revenue tax collections) was also in the paper recently in regards to another scandal. The headline reads: Local tax collection firm in the middle of Allentown scandal. See  HERE

(6) Sam Sanguedolce clearly crossed ethical standards in working both as a defense attorney (for Phillips and Rogers) and as a prosecutor. This firm presented cases in front of the DA... the conflict of which should beg for cases to be tossed left and right. Truly breathtaking. Almost surreal. 

I plan on pursuing very aggressively once my academic semester is over. THIS CANNOT STAND.