Saturday, December 12, 2015


This is really, really easy in that we have...
(1) An alleged DUI with DA Salavantis (driving) with Sanguedolce. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DENIED.
(2) Though I do Not see why the PSP would support one party over another... apparently they felt the need to help Salavantis win the election. WHY?
(3) This led to a multi-year cover-up. Just like Chicago is demanding resignations, so should we.  

Salavantis and Degnan cannot collude criminally and expect to have have justice served. Salavantis will always feels she owes something. It is this conflict of interest that poisons the system.

Likewise, the idiotic decision that had (private firm) John Rogers interviewing assistant DA's is beyond the scope of stupidity. Rogers firm has a conflict every time they enter the court house. It is mind numbing. 

All of this calls for the Department of justice to come in as well as the new state police commissioner to show us what he is made of.

Captain James Degnan - local PSP Troop P in Wyoming
As Captain, he responsible for the cover-up of Salavantis

Stefanie Salavantis - Luzerne County DA
As county's leading law enforcement agent - she is tasked with equal application of the law even if she is the perpetrator.

1st Assistant DA Sam Sanguedolce is also tasked with reporting
indiscretions right under his nose.

NEW State Police Commissioner Tyree Blocker
(our "Jackie Robinson")