Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WB COPS: Think with your "big heads."

Local Head of PSP James Degnan: THIS MAN MUST BE FIRED

Our area cannot recover the faith of the people with alcoholics in charge. Alcoholics/pill addicts are incapable of managing their own lives let alone those of others. A comprehensive program is needed to ensure sobriety. Addicts will not act on their own. It is to be imposed from above.

Meanwhile... some other actions that make us proud:
- A an active alcoholic bartender was taking advantage of by a cop
- At least two WB cops gladly trade tickets for oral sex
- One testosterone animal cop routinely shakes down drug dealers for sex and money.


The filthy practices of the WBPD and LAG TOWING are still being carried out by the Hanover police and Ayers Towing.

Judy Lorah Fisher had an accident.

RED FLAG # 1    Why is a contractor from Mountaintop (Ayers) called to Hanover if not for foul play? This makes no sense. Why not Williamsport while we are at it? Hauling a car to Mountaintop only adds costs.

RED FLAG # 2    Why was she not able to drive away when only her rear passenger window was broken? No different than rolling a window down. It was 50 degrees. 

RED FLAG # 3    Judy Lorah Fisher was not given right to call her own tower. 

RED FLAG # 4    COPS ON THE TAKE. One can only surmise the Hanover police are taking bribes. Why else would they not honor rights of motorists? Common sense.

BEGINNINNING OF THEFT  DIRTY HANOVER COP  Judy Lorah Fisher lost her car as soon as the cop appeared. The cop is part of the auto theft process.

THEFT ATTEMPT   PRICE GOUGING   Fisher was ripped off by Ayers. $165 turned into $300.

THEFT ATTEMPT   FRAUD    Fisher was she could not take car off the lot in "its condition." This is a false statement in which Ayers provided no legal backing and in so doing enriched himself. 

THEFT ATTEMPT   MORE FRAUD    The "Title trick." Towing companies try and trick people into turning over titles so they can take possession of cars. Leo Glodzik did this to 83 year old Natalie Aleo. Who helped this lady?
- Leighton did nothing
- Gerard Dessoye did nothing
- The State Police did nothing (not until one of their "own" was affected... self centered jerks)/ 
- Cops did nothing 
- City Council including Tony George did nothing.
- Salavantis and Sanguedolce were likely drunk or hung over

THEFT ATTEMPT   Ayers Towing would not provide any documentation of Fisher's legal rights. I list some of these at bottom (a bit complicated... but they do exist).

THEFT ATTEMPT   Ayers tried to intimidate Ms. Fisher by calling the Mountaintop police (who acted fairly and professionally... only cop in this entire post that acted correctly)


- Our current WB Chief Hughes used to sell cars on consignment from LAG Towing. Is this acceptable Tony George?
- The going rate for bribes was $ 50 per tow. My source? Tony George. Did he try and stop it. Hell no. Can we expect anything from a former police chief?

- I laid the groundwork for the for the fall of LAG Towing... but only after a trooper's father was ripped off. What happened to 1,000 "regular" people did not matter. Incomprehensible arrogance.

- The Pa State Police covered up a DUI for DA Salavantis (Sanguedolce was passenger) before the election in 2012. 

- Salavantis threw a party/fundraiser for Trooper Byron Dickson. Gee I wonder why. After what they did for her... I hope she has knee pads.

- How can Salavantis deal objectively with the PSP after they covered up serious crime for her. And how can private attorney Rogers interview Asst DA's... and have cases throw out for him? A complete overhaul is needed where the AG or DOJ takes over.

- I saw a recent billboard that said "blue lives matter." To this I say (excuse the language) Fuck all of you you criminal/arrogant pricks. Fuck Byron Dickson and his friend who got shot in the nuts cause he was cheating with someone's wife.

- You are no better than Klan. I don't see the KLAN covering for crimes like you do and you are just as white. You have no clue what "Black Lives Matter" means based on Tom Kelly's racist joke and your complete arrogance.

- You have a jaundiced view of your selves in thinking you are better than anyone. You all belong in prison for your parts in the Salavantis DUI cover-up. You suck at solving murders and you are nothing but a pathetic embarrassment.

- And move the chinstraps down beneath your chins... you look like Jerry's kids.


Statement from Judy Lorah Fisher         Wait until I tell you all this ,Beware More Corruption going on with Tow Companies again , Ayers Towing tried to rob me of my car today , I was in a car accident yesterday police come and within 6 to 7 minutes Ayers towing show up who do not take insurance payments for towing, oh yes and Ayers is contracted with police for the area where I had the accident who don't work with car insurance towing lol ya I know , So yesterday it was $165 and with in 12 hours it wen up to $300 total due, So no one has 300 cash money right now so they wanted me to turn over my title of my 10.000 dollar car to them because they said I could not take it off there lot they were keeping my car that was able to be driven off there lot even if I paid them , This was only a opinion from them that my car was not able to drive but they did not want to give me any paperwork on this at all , Well you know me I was telling the all about the laws and telling them to get there paperwork out and giving up a fight, my insurance paid $200 to get my car back ,LOL they called the police on me I guess I was to much for them lol , But I have my car now and I can drive it , Just needs some cosmetic work done that is on my list for tomorrow .. I will stand up to this kind of corruption every time so this stops happening to us all here in Luzerne County ..