Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The papers: Money is changing hands

Not too long ago the papers actually investigated corruption. Those days are gone. Based on my opinion and the metamorphosis of the local news papers I believe that the papers have morphed into a pay off mechanism for dirty officials. It may be through advertising. It could be cash under the table at lunch. Paid vacations? Tuition for kids? What is most clear is that the papers have said "integrity be damned." They clearly can no longer be trusted.

And it is not just the papers. Take Stefanie Salavantis.
Why aren't the papers all over the story of her drinking and driving and crashing into a pole? (After 6,000 blog hits no one has defended her).

What kind of money changed hands with the PSP to keep Salavantis's career alive? Or did the dirty "Troop P" trooper let her go cause she was cute when drinking? 

How can she work objectively with the unit that that let her off? She can't. She must be wearing out knee pads.

We have completely compromised Assistant DA's who interviewed with John Rogers. Paper's response? Silence.

It takes a helluva lot of money to cover Leighton the way they do and for the state police to look the other way on the Salavantis DUI and then work so hard to keep it covered up. 


Captain James Degnan - local PSP Troop P in Wyoming
As Captain, he responsible for the cover-up of Salavantis

Terrie Morgan-Besecker butchered the "DUI tossing" story.  The Times leader endorsed the village idiot - Salavantis... the uber riding alcohol machine. 

This is how KIDS FOR CASH thrived. Everybody shut their mouths.Money is changing hands. Not everyone is happy about it. Someone will tell me. They always do. This blog has 10 times the credibility of these trashy and shallow rags. 

You will never see articles like the anymore.