Saturday, November 2, 2013

Insensitivity? Likely not

  • Earlier I had stated that FF Police Chief Hunsinger was insensitive given a quote that appeared in the paper: Hunsinger said..."The daughter was the apple of his eye. She would always run to daddy versus mommy."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A few Forty Fort residents supported Chief Hunsinger. One person said, "That specific quote came from the baby's Mother. The same Mother who came up to Dan Hunsinger in the park before and after the vigil and expressed her gratitude for Danny coming to the funeral service, for giving out his personal cell phone number in case she needed anything and thanked him profusely after the vigil for the daughter.

So it sounds as though Chief Hunsinger acted in way that was in fact sensitive. 

I can remember when my dad died. The loved ones around him acted in different ways. Some were crying. Some were stoic. One person was even acted giddy. But it didn't matter. Shock and grief are volatile and lead to unpredictable expressions.

No Judgment. I think the same rule should apply here. It was probably too early to make assessments and I apologize if I caused dismay.

My offer still stands to do whatever the family needs as I am sure that others have offered as well. I can be reached through my blog. 

 Thank You.

The comment is there. I cannot believe it.

I first read of a comment on Betty Roccograndi's site "Pure Bunkum." I couldn't believe what I read so I found the Citizen's Voice article myself. He actually said it.

The comment is in regards to the Schultz (Nicholas, Jessica, two year old Camryn) family. For those outside the area... last weekend the father put a bullet in his daughter's head before killing himself.
The mother survives. 

Here is the comment Forty Forty Police Chief Daniel Hunsinger made:  "It doesn't make much sense because from everyone we've talked to, he was a gentle giant," Hunsinger said. "He would do anything for anyone. The daughter was the apple of his eye. She would always run to daddy versus mommy."

"She would always run to daddy versus mommy."

May I remind Chief Hunsinger that the mother is still living and can read. What were you... their babysitter? Did you think before making that comment... or try to retract it once made? Sir, where is your head? 

To Jessica Schultz, who is going through unimaginable agony, I apologize on behalf of Forty Fort for our insanely insensitive Chief of Police. I am sorry that you had to read that. Message me through this site if we can help in any way. We will rally around you and help mitigate the pain in any way.  

           Mark   Robbins