Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WB Murder rate now higher than Newark's

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With Wilkes-Barre's latest murder, Willkes-Barre now has a murder rate 9% greater than Newark NJ (37.09/34 = 1.09).

One must also wonder, with WB's obvious attempts to squelch bad news, have any murders gone unreported? After all, the attempted murder of Anthony Gipson took 6 days to reach the papers. 

Leighton's comments about these murders are bizarre. But at least he sometimes makes it to the microphone. Dessoye is sloshed away while anchored to his bar.

Leighton claims that the murders are personal, isolated... even exclusive. Well so is rape. Is he trying to tell us that these murders are unlike the mass Murders (Tuscon, Connecticut, Va Tech etc...)?
Mr. Mayor... I think we have this figured out.

Leighton does not look or sound well. The redness is a red flag. Cherry tomato is not a normal complexion. He is also not crisp in his communication. There is a "slurred aspect" to his speaking. Not so much an outright slur (that is why he has two spokesman)... but one can imagine him nursing a bender from the night before. This is just an observation from someone who sounded the same when I drank in the 80's. I recognize that type of speech. (Note: This is not a commentary on his physical appearance. He looks fine otherwise. It is only an observation of symptoms of something that is a public issue. Addiction. Ask Toronto residents how happy they are with their Mayor after being taped smoking Crack.)

So it is all very pertinent. Addicts and alcoholics don't manage well. Hence the unmanageability. Giving a faithful store owner 5 days to move is indicative of this. Complete insanity.

And weren't pumps not working during the last flood? How many people were overrun as a result? Again, unmanageabiliy. No attention to detail. If the city were an actual business it wouldn't last a year.

And lastly... lest you need reminding... consider the outrage of the Chief of police keeping open a heroin house on McLean Street. Consider the cops that had to play along. 

How can anybody respect Gerard Dessoye after that? He is a broken man with a broken city. The psychic toll of Dessoye's actions will last a long time. A young mother died of heroin from that house. So sad.

But he won't be touched. The head watchdog to the cops? His brother. He was the first appointment of our unseasoned DA. 

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