Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I would be more grateful if Dessoye...

1)  I would be more grateful if...
 this mother didn’t have to die
at the drug house where WB Police Chief Gerard Dessoye frequented and mandated stay open to the chagrin of every honest cop.

2)     I would be grateful if bother Mike Dessoye, as County Head of detectives, had the integrity and felt the duty to police his brother Gerard as WB police chief
and was compassionate enough to help his brother get treatment. 

It would seem that he has failed everyone here. If you don't remove him as your brother... at least protect the public.

3)     I would be grateful if WB didn’t have two alcoholic cousins at the helm of the city to try and figure out a drug plan for the city.

4)    I would be grateful if our WB police chief led a life worthy of respect from fellow officers inside and outside Wilkes-Barre.

5)    I would be grateful if Dessoye’s “heroin honey,” Catherine Meehan – was not still in town

6)    I would be grateful if all employees were drug tested… so a 30 day problem doesn’t turn into a 30 year problem (sad but true)