Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mackey and Glodzik - bunkmates in prison?

Michael and Leo sittin' in a cell
First comes the kissin and then comes the gel
Boom chaka-la- ka I can't say what's here
One final kiss and a "Thank you my dear!"

Michael mackey

Visiting today are the Copes both wife and Dana
They are equipped with pie like any good Heyna
Embedded are juice paks that settle like stones
A gift from their old buddy... cop Kenneth Jones

Leo Glodzik

Why isn't Mackey's charge attempted murder?
If not for others pleading... he would not have stopped, right?
If you feel comfortable with Mackey on the streets - please raise your hand.

When Glodzik calls a woman 40 times... and breaks a PFA... Why is there just more PFA?
Why aren't harassment and stalking charges filed?