Saturday, November 30, 2013

Exploring the bottom of Wilkes-Barre's "finest"


I have a very hot temper; alleged to be a "juicer"
I use the "F" word freely

I once approached a man at LAG... and said...
"I don't give a "F*&K" about your car."
That was my opening sentence to him.

A female trainee (college ride-a-long) was just feet away
when I said this (below right).

1) I have taken champagne bribes from Leo Glodzik (LAG Towing)
2) It is reported that my family took free tows from Glodzik (a value item; more bribe(s))
3) Why not also accept the going rate for towed cars from LAG?

(Below, Leo Glodzik of LAG Towing standing next to a car he stole from Senta Boyer)

(Below is car purchased for Senta Boyer in place of stolen one)

I did not report other officers who were using LAG loaner cars like the one below. This was regularly parked outside the police station for two years. 

Thin blue line - BABY!!  You can't touch me!! Or Majikes!!

Majikes received a "plum" assignment from Chief Dessoye after gettting caught! That's the way it goes in Wilkes-Barre.
(Here is a secret for you... the more honest cops feel like they are working in a living hell).

I also did not report the illegal tags on these cars.
The plate below designates that ONLY LAG employees can drive this car. WB cop Majikes drove illegally for 2 years.

Innocent citizens, understandably, would consider these to be "bribe cars" since nearly 100 % of LAG's business came from cops trolling for cars (or cars from accidents).
I did not report WB Captain Bob Hughes selling
LAG cars on consignment from LAG Towing and the amazing conflict of towing as a a cop and selling as a car dealer.

A1  AUTO  Blackman Street  WB

(Below is how Leo Glodzik returned a car to an 82 year old lady. The car was in perfect condition prior to being towed.
Leo Glodzik offered her nothing.
Concerned citizens put together a fund for the woman, Natalie Aleo.

I did nothing to shut down a drug house 
where Chief Dessoye hooked up with his "heroin honey" 
for possible sex and/or narcotics and/or both.
(and may be still meeting with her as she is in town)

I discounted the fact a 38 year old mom died from that house.
I discounted the fact that a mother/daughter (age 13) lived on the
other side of the "half a double" and they
reported the drug activity about 100 times.

My wife and I have sat with Leo Glodzik 
at at least one council meeting.

I openly disclosed the fact that I and other cops give/would give 
a drunken Mayor Leighton rides home from bars...
tying up 2 officers during "prime time crime" periods.

Word on the street alleges that I recently punched a man in the
head while in handcuffs. Allegations suggest this was covered up.

I tried to trick Magistrate Whitaker last year by showing up in uniform, on patrol, ready to testify... when in reality I was told not to come.

(To his credit... Dessoye chewed me out for this.)

My actions embarrass those officers who try and 
work with integrity and respect. This has been established.

I aint sayin' cause it would ruin the fun.